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  3. legitimately stuck on rhea's route

User Info: ponyseizures

4 weeks ago#1
soooo the game was super easy- like braindead on normal, so I started deploying only the MC just because he was so powerful and it was funny that he was clearing entire chapters by himself, with training weapons. and this worked for like ten chapters but now I'm stuck on the last chapter because the final boss heals to full health after every turn. so he can't do it alone, but the problem with that is

MC is level 56 and then everyone else is liiiike level 25, most who haven't battled since before the time skip. so is this possible? is there a way to go back in time?

User Info: SephirothsFlame

4 weeks ago#2
That's a unique issue I don't think I've seen before. Best bet would to be to load your team with Hero's relics and do their best combat arts. Seteth at the least should be able to make good use of Lance of Ruin + Swift Strikes to deal some damage to her.

Also use a lot of high range Gambits to fully break her shield prior to going ham on her. Even low leveled people can contribute with good gambits like Blaze and Fusillade.
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User Info: AvantgardeAClue

4 weeks ago#3
Sounds like you haven't been a very good teacher to your students lol
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User Info: slapper1

4 weeks ago#4
Unless you have an earlier save file on hand, you're outta luck. It's still possible especially since your playing on Normal, you just gotta babysit the rest of your party carefully until they can all hang up on the Boss. Gambit the crap outta them then smack em with your best attacks/hero's relics. Consider having a dancer on hand to refresh Byleth's turn for a powerful final blow
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User Info: Taiphlosion

4 weeks ago#5
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User Info: MarkofWisdom

4 weeks ago#6
what classes does Byleth have unlocked and what skill levels? You could try forging a bunch of Levin sword+ and use a flying class to run around killing things. If you got the seiros shield that will help a lot with its regen and damage reduction against monsters. Kill all the white beasts before going after rhea and then just keep attacking her with brave weapons/gauntlets. She has like an 87% damage reduction with the barrier up, so more hits is better to burn through her health

edit-bolt axe + might be better if you're using wyvern lord
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User Info: warriorman222

4 weeks ago#7
She takes under a third of the Irish damage is her barriers aren't broken. Have a bunch of units use AoE gambits like Blaze, Fusilade and Assault Troop to break all her barriers(did they won't regenerate, then have Byleth do as much damage as possible. Seteth with Swift Strikes+ Lance of Ruin/Luin should be able to contribute somewhat damage wise.
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User Info: MisterNobody

4 weeks ago#8
Nice work.

Your Dancer will be invaluable if you have one to give Byleth two turns.

User Info: Nakedbacon

4 weeks ago#9
That’s unfortunate.

It seems you’re out of luck because of the predicament you put yourself in.

The only thing I can think of is grind on that map. Have Byleth weaken and enemy and have a student kill it and repeat for a while and then Retreat and do the same thing again. This would probably take hours upon hours and it may even be easier to start over.

Even with that, you can’t certify anymore so this may be the end of the line.
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User Info: The_Juice_

4 weeks ago#10
Are the white beasts endless spawns? I quick turned this map so I genuinely don't know, but if they aren't you could probably win a war of attrition eventually.
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