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  3. Do you think this game needed more time in development?

User Info: megaboltable

4 weeks ago#41
Yes absolutely but they had already delayed it twice they probably just wanted to get it out.

User Info: Thorscape

4 weeks ago#42
FFT-Fan posted...
I like the game as is but would have been happy to wait if they'd gotten more time. I'd have been fine to wait an extra year or 2 but it's possible that they might have lost sales if they were to delay it more.

Still enjoying it more than a lot of other RPGs I played like FFXV, FFXIII, FFXII(I liked XII but like TH a bit more). Personally I just want more, I'm really looking forward to the later DLC and next main Fire Emblem. Not that interested in spinoff stuff like "Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE" or FE Warriors though maybe I'd consider an FE Warriors 2 with Three Houses characters/Ike/etc.

You just named three of the worst FF games.

User Info: Zorume

4 weeks ago#43
FelurFalas posted...
The mediocre graphics and animation variety is more due to the technical limitation of the switch. Honestly, I think Nintendo is actually preventing FE from being the very best, like no game ever was with their weak consoles. Kudos to the FE dev teams for being so good at working under such constraints, though.

That being said, yes, they could have used more development time to give the game more variety in routes, better animations and MORE MAP VARIETY, but what are you going to do? Boycott until they change it? lololol

The Switch can handle the new Doom pretty well so it could definitely handle better graphics in FE.

User Info: Tombstone1988

4 weeks ago#44
Hayas***akara posted...
Maybe? but the quality is still better than every FE before it.

I personally don't agree with this.

-In terms of technical performance, it is by far the worst one since the NES days; the only one you could even debate otherwise is Radiant Dawn.

-In terms of music, every 3DS game had fantastic musical scores.

-In terms of battle animations, Echoes had amazing combat animations; they were fluid and dynamic.

-In terms of the cutscene animation quality, it's debatable, but I'd argue the ones in Fates looked better.

-Graphically, well, I don't mind the graphics of Three Houses, but clearly a lot of other people here feel differently.

-In terms of map design, this isn't even in the top 5 for me.

-In terms of voice acting, yeah, I'd say it's the best.

-For characters, I personally like the ones in Path of Radiance more, but Three Houses still has some really good ones.

-In terms of story, Genealogy does it better (mostly).

Don't get me wrong, I think Three Houses is great, but there are a lot of areas where it could stand to see some improvements. Hence why, to answer the TC's question: Yes. Yes it did.

User Info: MechaFlo

4 weeks ago#45
Tombstone1988 posted...
-For characters, I personally like the ones in Path of Radiance more, but Three Houses still has some really good ones.

On this point here, I sort of agree.

I think that POR's best characters are probably better, but POR is a lot more uneven. When I think of the characters I really like in POR like Soren, Jill, Haar, etc, it seems pretty high up there, but then there's also characters like hungry mage, Marcie's brother etc that kind of drag it down, where I feel on average 3H characters are better.

User Info: GuyKnight

4 weeks ago#46
As a Dynasty Warrior cult member, Koei could never make those graphics work with Switch, they could barely work with DW themselves.

Likewise, I definitely wished a lot of the story aspect got fixed. Only Blue Lions was satisfying overall and even that has issues still not as bad as the fact that Black Eagles CF got only 18 chapters while Verdant Wind and Silver Snow got near identical route progression with poor story investment.

User Info: Aka_Neko

4 weeks ago#47
The answer is definitely, but only because things needed changing, updating. But to think that those things would happen just cuz of a delay is pure wish-fulfillment.

User Info: beautheschmo

4 weeks ago#48
Tbh, I actually feel like the game shows signs of being a bit over-developed rather than the other way around. Extraneous stuff like lost items feel like stuff that was just thrown in to fill dev time instead of being a part of the game's original vision, and with a quicker release cycle some of of the excess mechanics might have been cut out and resulted in a more cohesive/streamlined game.

At the very least it's pretty clear that their dev time/priorities weren't handled properly, the mechanics and the monastery stuff in general are overdeveloped, routes and maps are underdeveloped and animations/textures blatantly didn't get much care, and I'm not really sure more time would have helped if that were the case.
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User Info: misterhuffnpuff

4 weeks ago#49
Yes deffinetly, also the idea if having 4 paths and giving the game's visual design to koe was a terrible idea. After beating all pathas i can easily say that the only thing three houses does better than other FE games is the supports and weapon training, the music isn't a sloutch either, but i find it to lack the highs that the 3ds ones had.

Honestly, if this game's plot wasn't so badly handled i would call this game the Anti Fates, it's got great and realistic characters (with some slight exceptions) and decent writting (again the plot suffers a lot sometimes), while unlike fates, it's maps are boring flat plains, look ugly as sin, the animations don't flow well and the final classes suck hard. Honestly, maybe it's this game's fatigue after playing it for 4 times, but looking back at it I had much more fun playing all fates routes than this game's.

User Info: AzureNick

4 weeks ago#50
The graphics are fine for a game that shares assets with a 3DS title.

The music is repetitive but that's subjective.

The pacing is awful for GD/church. The shortness and lack of cutscenes for CF screams incomplete. Under scrutiny the plot is weak. Very weak.

The voice acting was great. Personally I prefer Byleths original voice.

The supports are repetitive to the Nth degree.

The monastery part was fine but it could be managed a bit better. If there were more chapters like the one that ends the month that'd be nice.

Technical performance is iffy but being a Koei game it's not bad.

On one hand I understand that they outsourced almost all the graphical parts (animations, models, backgrounds, environment) of the game to Koei but why. The game occasionally slows to a crawl and it doesn't even look as good as other 1st party titles or even 3rd party titles.
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