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  3. Do you think this game needed more time in development?

User Info: MechaFlo

4 weeks ago#31


I can see the resemblance.

User Info: xx_SaintBoot_xx

4 weeks ago#32
I just want fire emblem to ditch the whole silent protagonist or Avatar system and go back to previous characters who are their own characters and not inserts.

No more avatar characters, no more silent protags, and no more multipath stuff that has turned this community more hateful than usual here at gamefaqs boards.

my path is canon
your path sucks
I ship this character (I'm guilty of this one)
Eldegard is hitler, and so are her supporters
Eng dub superior
Eng sub superior
Bernie support censorship (don't care if it was closer to the original now)
What does x character feet smell like
and more.
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User Info: Pickley-

4 weeks ago#33

But i feel like they didnt have any other choice

User Info: AlexMCS

4 weeks ago#34
Uh... The graphics are fine. Like, really fine. I don't get anyone who calls them bad or ugly.
Obviously they could be better, but come on, the game looks good.
Just look at the new Pokemon game and imagine if it was Game Freak doing it...

The animations and music though, are lacking.
A lot of copypaste animation, for a lot of characters, really dumbs down the experience.

The routes were unneeded though, and New Game+ is a complete chore without save editing, a lot more has to carry over to make the feature worth it without renown grinding.

It did not need more time. It had enough time.
It just wasn't used very well, in my opinion.

User Info: HayashiTakara

4 weeks ago#35
Maybe? but the quality is still better than every FE before it.
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User Info: FFT-Fan

4 weeks ago#36
I like the game as is but would have been happy to wait if they'd gotten more time. I'd have been fine to wait an extra year or 2 but it's possible that they might have lost sales if they were to delay it more.

Still enjoying it more than a lot of other RPGs I played like FFXV, FFXIII, FFXII(I liked XII but like TH a bit more). Personally I just want more, I'm really looking forward to the later DLC and next main Fire Emblem. Not that interested in spinoff stuff like "Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE" or FE Warriors though maybe I'd consider an FE Warriors 2 with Three Houses characters/Ike/etc.

User Info: DiogoShadowJorg

4 weeks ago#37
Yes. To tweak difficulties and provide with a challenge and to scrap the Dimitri's moment of madness as well his bleeding heart nonsense, so he could be more of a typical FE hero.
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User Info: RK800_Connor

4 weeks ago#38
This game could've been released 2 years later and this board would still do nothing but whine about the game.

It didn't need any extra development time.
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User Info: RyomaOfHoshido

4 weeks ago#39
AlexMCS posted...
Uh... The graphics are fine. Like, really fine. I don't get anyone who calls them bad or ugly.
Obviously they could be better, but come on, the game looks good.
Sorry, are you blind? Despite how much I love this game, even I admit that the graphics are total garbage. Literally every other game on the switch has better graphics (exaggerating a little but it's probably close). Textures are horrendous, character models are barebones and lack animations, and what few animations there are are stiff and robotic at worst and vaguely passable at best.
Don't get me wrong, this is definitely one of the best games I've played all year, but that's from a purely story/gameplay perspective. This game's graphics are objectively s***.
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User Info: akira595

4 weeks ago#40
The monastery post time jump feel incomplete.
Backgrounds are horrible.
There's a lot of repeat dialouge.
Edelgards route feels rushed and was probably added in late in development.
A ton of reused maps. Even the DLC maps are already in the base game.

I still think the game is a 10/10, but all these issues could have been addressed with another 6 months-year in development.
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