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  3. Do you think this game needed more time in development?

User Info: McLahey

4 weeks ago#21
No. I mean, it has a ton of problems, but I'm confident most of them are either intentional or the result of cheapness and/or laziness. I don't think more time would've fixed much.

FelurFalas posted...
Kudos to the FE dev teams for being so good at working under such constraints

"so good"

*meanwhile, Byleth randomly starts wading through invisible tar while exploring the monastery*
"It's raining again."

User Info: Poison-puffs

4 weeks ago#22
Absolutely all the routes needed to be fleshed out more. The textures in the monastery and the slowdown at times also needed to be improved and they definitely needed more playable characters or at least route exclusive characters. The next FE game should focus on 1 story instead of multiple imo.
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User Info: Thorscape

4 weeks ago#23
emagdnE posted...
More development time would have only made things slightly less bad. The real problem is that IS' inherent concepts are bad. Unless that extra development time would cut back on the school s*** while making the chapters more interesting, it STILL would have been a downgrade from Fates. (Or massive downgrade from Echoes if you want to use the actual most recent title before TH instead.)

The mediocre graphics and animation variety is more due to the technical limitation of the switch.

Literally every other first party title, including those ported from Wii U, looks better than TH. Super Mario Odyssey in particular actually establishes that the Switch is an upgrade from Wii U.

So no. It's because IS fails at 3D animation. They have ever since PoR, which was also the worst looking first party Gamecube title despite releasing towards the end. And RD, which still looked worse than every Gamecube first party title.

The 3DS games helped cover it up since 3DS was outdated hardware on 240p the day it released to begin with so no game really had a huge advantage over them.

And who did they look to for help? Koei Tecmo. And..... well, they make games with budgets so low that even 100k sales in Japan is enough to make profit.

But better graphics wouldn't save the game. It was always going to be ugly because of the inherently hideous character designs.

f***, I'm playing Daemon X Machina right now. I'm seeing Kozaki's character designs (Plenty of the same ones in Awakening and Fates none the less. He just gave Benny an eyepatch and called him "Reaper". lol.) and going "ugh". But y'know what? They're still much better than the fuggos in TH.

DXM also has much shorter load times than TH despite better graphics. So..... what the f***?

Have you learned nothing from Square Enix? Time in development doesn't mean s***.

Nintendo taught us that lesson even better.

How long was BotW in development? How much content and substance does it actually have between those long stretches of walking? Very little considering its 5 year development time.

Brave of you to call out BotW. You're right to do so. It's also technically a Wii U port which is double embarrassing.

User Info: AvantgardeAClue

4 weeks ago#24
There are a few kinks and greviances, but I'm still very satisfied with the overall package.

Pokemon Sword and Shield on the other hand, has no business coming out this year.
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User Info: digitalstarry

4 weeks ago#25
FelurFalas posted...
The mediocre graphics and animation variety is more due to the technical limitation of the switch. Honestly, I think Nintendo is actually preventing FE from being the very best, like no game ever was with their weak consoles. Kudos to the FE dev teams for being so good at working under such constraints, though.

That being said, yes, they could have used more development time to give the game more variety in routes, better animations and MORE MAP VARIETY, but what are you going to do? Boycott until they change it? lololol

Hell no this isn’t because of technical limitations that the game looks bad, this game looks awful even for Switch game standards.

If you think this game looks good for a Switch game, look at Dragon Quest XIS, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Astral Chain. All games on the Switch and look way better. Hell, I’d even say Tales of Vesperia Definitive is nicer to look at, and that’s a port of an eleven year old game.
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User Info: MechaFlo

4 weeks ago#26
BOTW is not a perfect game by any means. But it's hardly lacking things to do. Maybe you don't find all of it rewarding, fine, but there's a lot to actually do.

Killing mosnters for their weapons and loot/parts.
Outdoor bosses.
Finding materials for upgrades/potions.
Korok Seeds.
100 shrines, more with dlc.
Photo memories to track down.
Side quests. (Some of them overlap with shrines to be fair.)
Divine beast quests.
The three labyrinths to find and explore.
Hyrule Castle.
Finding the great fairie fountains.
Minigames like the horse ones at the stables.
Getting supplies and recruiting people for the village you grow.

As I said the game isn't perfect. Weaon durability could stand to be a bit higher. The shrines and divine beasts need more visual variety, and the DBs are very short compared ot past dungeons. There isn't much plot and the story we have isn't great. The champions are just archetypes. Horses aren't very useful because of the amount of verticality via climbing you have to leave them behind for.

There are reasons to dislike the game, and if you don't like it, fair enough. But to say that the game has nothing to do in it is kind of baffling.

User Info: CrazyDiamondSP

4 weeks ago#27
I really believe this gane should have aimed for a style similar to octopath, except use typical GBA era FE sprites which could have been highly detailed and make the combat more engaging, then for school/story setting a tellius approach would have been preferred. The game does look hideous and its definitely not the switch fault but the direction they decided to take with it.
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User Info: TheBLD

4 weeks ago#28
emagdnE posted...
He just gave Benny an eyepatch and called him "Reaper". lol.


I'm not convinced you've ever seen Benny.

User Info: Celica

4 weeks ago#29
superxgaga posted...
Yea, but I was already mad they pushed from spring to end of July.

User Info: EdeaCreamer

4 weeks ago#30
It wouldn't have mattered. You'd just have waited another year for the exact same game.
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