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User Info: New_Gen_Zero_2

4 weeks ago#1
Exculding the zero weight ones - Results (51 votes)
23.53% (12 votes)
76.47% (39 votes)
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User Info: Charged151

4 weeks ago#2
They are good for people like Dedue who aren't going to stop being doubled anyway. Ochain Shield is also good on Seteth for restoring HP and negating criticals. Aegis Shield is also situationally good on Felix. Seiros Shield is also useful for monster baiting

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User Info: Dharengo

4 weeks ago#3
You just have to think of who you put them on. Making the indestructible more indestructible is not overkill.

User Info: Whisky

4 weeks ago#4

Shields can be un-equipped when needed.

If you can still double with the shield or can’t double at all, keep it on. It could save your life.

If you need to take it off to double then do so.

They can actually be very useful situationally.

User Info: TheFuzz3451

4 weeks ago#5
if you have weight -3 and can negate any weight penalty with strength it's worth it
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User Info: Cobalnite

4 weeks ago#6
Free def could be the difference between surviving an extra round of combat
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User Info: FelurFalas

4 weeks ago#7
Worth it if you have no other build in mind, or if you are a Fortress Knight with high Def already. Flyers not in an avoid build can also use the Aurora Shield. Bonus damage negating shields (Aurora, Lampos, etc.) weigh 0, so they are free +3 PRT even on units who do not need the extra damage negation.
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