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  3. I think the next game is a remake of FE4 and it will come in 2021. Here's why.

User Info: SamBamBamz

1 month ago#1
Since there are 3D models already created, it will be easy to update it for the next installment.

The main reason is that FE4 has a LOT of open spaces on the battlefield. Just look at the maps, they're gigantic! As such, the zoom-in function on the battlefield in Three Houses (pressing + lets you run around the battlefield) will most likely be made better to compensate for the vast terrain.

Plus, the battalion function makes it like an actual army now. Just imagine what that would do to FE4's size and scope and feel to it.

It is arguably one of the more darker FE games too, and since Three Houses took a dip in the direction, I am pretty sure that FE4 will showcase it too.

I think that Shadows of Valentia was a near-perfect remake that introduced full voice-acting. If that game is to inspire anything, it is arguable extremely positive. Plus, the voice acting thus far is pretty damn solid.

Awakening came out in 2012-2013, Fates 2015-2016, Echoes 2017, and Three Houses 2019. I would say that the next mainline game would probably come out around 2021-2022, in about 2-3 years.

With the recent sales of Three Houses and continued support for Heroes app, it could have more money to spend on more story.

...Or it could be something different entirely.


User Info: UnovaBestGen

1 month ago#2
I agree.


User Info: A_Field_Lover

1 month ago#3
Well I mean, Genealogy can easily reuse the engine.
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User Info: Decapre

1 month ago#4
Can we finally get Roy's game released in not Japan so I can shut the f*** up?

User Info: BloodMoon7

1 month ago#5
It'll be Thracia 69 with Reinhardt as the Lord
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User Info: StellaLunaris

1 month ago#6
Finally, you can set Arden as an adjutant so he doesn't get left behind!

I guess...just tie him to the back of the horse?
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User Info: jloweis

1 month ago#7
You can wish I guess. It would be pretty cool.

User Info: Siriocaz

1 month ago#8
No. It's going to be the first GBA FE game.
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  3. I think the next game is a remake of FE4 and it will come in 2021. Here's why.
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