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  3. To NG+ or not for Maddening

User Info: Dhyssi

4 weeks ago#1
So, since I like this game I'm probably going to end up doing both, but I'm wondering which I should do first. I feel like NG+ Classic is still a reasonably tough challenge, especially since I can do things like not use super OP Battalions/not immediately boost everyone's skills to ridiculous levels, and my Saint Statue bonus is only 20% (So the EXP penalty in Maddening will still have me at less than HM).

The only other thing I would do is A+ Professor level, but because the first few ranks are easy to get and because you can't really do much with it when you don't have resources, I'll probably hold off on boosting the rest of the way until about Rank C or so.

The only thing NG Maddening really offers is a new title screen anyway, and I think that's just a color change.

User Info: BlackStar300

4 weeks ago#2
Yea I see the color change and its not much..yes as an FE fanatic I want it but after beating the game like 6x and even doing a byleth/Claude ONLY play (which was hard tbh) I feel like FE has a s*** balance after hard. Hard always seems too easy albeit last few chapters but maddening/lunatic is stupid cheese. It's like Skyrim difficulty when you bump it up. They lower your dmg and increase enemy dmg and on the highest difficulty it's like .25x dmg and enemy dmg is like 2.5x or something. They decrease exp and give more units and same turn reinforcement and you can't get levels.

I had to stop on chp 5 because of it. I've beaten lunatic awakening as it's my favorite game but most of the time I don't f*** with lunatic. IS can't do difficulty right it's literally the FLAW as a company. Same turn reinforcement can f*** off.

That being said I'd do NG+ and I plan to do so after I take a longer break from my most recent plays. I'm at like 300 hours on this game I can't take any part of maddening atm cuz even on NG+ even with boosters you still have to level units.
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User Info: DrifterxAlpha

4 weeks ago#3
NG+ is pretty broken IMO.

I tried BE on maddening and I could not make it past the Mock battle. I understand its "Maddening" but I want a challenge not insurmountable odds.
Tried it again with my 140+ hour, 3 clear file in NG+ and it was a cake walk.

User Info: Dharengo

4 weeks ago#4
Having the early chapters be a struggle is tradition. It'll even out as your dudes grow into their strengths.

User Info: Ahuehue13

4 weeks ago#5
Stopped maddening without NG+ with Golden Deer at chapter 12. Post time skip is insane, and after seeing the stats of the final maps, I gave up.

Having to resort to cheap strats, perfect level ups, and RNG dodging because of bloated enemy stats and decreased exp is a cheap way to make a difficult mode. No point in trying maddening if the only real way to beat it is to use warp strats, or DLC help
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