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User Info: darkvslight346

4 weeks ago#1
Cute/hot or Bi sexual - Results (306 votes)
47.06% (144 votes)
52.94% (162 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So I'm neutral on Edelgard (might be because I played Golden Deer first) and I honestly want to know why people like her as much as they do. Someone told me the main reason is that she's cute and can be romanced by both genders, part of me wants to brush it off but the more cynical side of me feels it might be true.

So let's assume that she can't be romanced by the female Byleth or that she looks like an unmasked Deadpool, or both. Would people still like her or would they not care about her?
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User Info: NaclynE

4 weeks ago#2
Well Goldark was a older male guy so ask those people that like Goldark from Dragon Force 1. Eldegarde shares alot of his mentality so...
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User Info: Iniuria_Talis

4 weeks ago#3
The fact that she’s a beautiful girl who’s madly in love with you complete with tons of cute blush scenes no matter your gender is definitely a big factor.

User Info: StellaLunaris

4 weeks ago#4
Bi girl here, and I am gonna quote a convo that I really agree with. In fact, that blogger does have some good points (and a few I really disagree with, but that's not here nor there)

"It’s so painful to go into this game excited 2 b in lesbians with an empress only to come out the other end and be like. The sad white man was my favorite."

"You’re right and you should say it! The problem isn’t Edelgard existing, it’s that both the game and a fair portion of the fandom are bending over backwards to call her right while situations like “just conquer those people doing things you don’t like because you’ll be better for them” are not hypothetical to a pretty big number of people!


At least there are other lesbians."

I also like that there was a Worf gif. He would agree siding with TWSITD means you have NO HONOUR!
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 weeks ago#5
I agree with her.

Burn the Church.
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User Info: BloodMoon7

4 weeks ago#6
No. Being a "waifu" drives the vast majority of Edelgard supporters to zealously defend her every action.
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User Info: Iniuria_Talis

4 weeks ago#7
SazukeEX posted...
I agree with her.

Burn the Church.

User Info: TalesOfXAndY

4 weeks ago#8
No but tbh you could probably apply similar reasoning to anyone
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User Info: Vayu_The_End

4 weeks ago#9
She definitely would be below Dimitri and Claude in terms of popularity.

Weve had her character type before, Arvis, nobody goes out of their way to defend Arvis the way they do Edelgard. Edelgard just got luckier That she was dealing with a less competent cult. A more competent one would've nuked the s*** out of her soon as she got through killing Rhea.

Like... 80% of Edelgard fanart is yuri shipping, lol.
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User Info: Tmaster148

4 weeks ago#10
The main issue is that BL fans think the only reason people could like Edelgard is due to her being a girl.
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