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User Info: SazukeEX

4 weeks ago#31
Vayu_The_End posted...
They exist purely to justify Edelgard, where she honestly doesnt need it.

El was justified.

The Church had to be destroyed.
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User Info: Dragolord09

4 weeks ago#32
You really don't like religion do you?

User Info: NeoElfboy

4 weeks ago#33
McLahey posted...
Confirm. Most of what they're responsible for is either unnecessary, or could be tweaked to be the fault of normal humans, and the story would be far better off for it.

Humans can still experiment on Edelgard in order to engineer crests, for whatever reason. (Maybe they want to ensure their leader can maintain control, defend from invaders like Brigid/Dagda, or maybe they want to expand their territory. Or maybe they simply do it because a stronger leader is better than a weaker leader—that could honestly make it more tragic, if they had no real reason to do it, if they treated her and her siblings' lives as so inconsequential that they'd sacrifice them just to produce the highest-quality breed they can.)

And humans can still have their reasons for wanting to cause tragedies like those of Duscur. (Just as an example, they could have a valuable resource the Kingdom wants. Faerghus is repeatedly stated to not be very prosperous, so it'd make since for them to conquer someone else to improve their own quality of life (similar to how real world territories will conquer others because of oil, for example). Or maybe Duscur could be a strategic location on the map for warfare purposes, so occupying it would help defend them from their neighbors (like how it's said to be advantageous to capture the hill with the ballista in the middle of Gronder Field, but on a much larger scale).)

This is more or less how I feel.

I don't think they do as much damage to this game as they could (or as much as similar cults have done to other games). The only really stupid thing is that they've apparently been scheming for thousands of years and are basically the same now as then, no sorry that's not how human societies work. The game's core story stands very well with only minimal help from them, but they also don't get in the way of said story very much.

I think the game either needed to minimize them or flesh them out as a real culture with some sympathetic aspects (it's not like there isn't material to work with, there!). think Claude's story of ending racism would have worked better with the latter.
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User Info: Mizerous

3 weeks ago#34
Osranger posted...
No. The shadowy sorcerer society is actually important to the series. And yes, they are all pretty much the same, but that’s also kind of the point.

One of the big ideas in Fire Emblem 1, 3, 4, and now 16, is that evil never dies, because it lives on in human hearts.

This is personified by the shadowy sorcerer faction, who has been roping good people into doing bad things for both good and evil reasons since time immemorial.

Their end goal is usually to summon a dragon who is supposed to be all of The Evil, though typically it’s a specific metaphysical concept you are trying to stab. Grima was nothing more than a big dumb dragon, but it was also the concept of the Inevitability of Death, and the player gets to stab it (Fire Emblem is a great series).

They also get to stab the shadowy sorcerer society, but they can never kill them (the dragons aren’t typically killed either, just sleeping.) because they aren’t really characters. All of them are practically interchangeable.

They are the idea that evil will live so long as humans continue to harbor darkness in their hearts, and while the heroes can defeat the dragon (we can change the future with the power of friendship FE:A, Humanity doesn’t need gods if we have each other FE:CF) the Secret Sorcerer Society never really goes away because humans still have that potential for evil at the end of the game.

I do actually like that TWSITD don't want to revive a dragon rather someone who can kill her. At least they are yet another dragon worshiping cult because like the evil Pokemon teams that s*** is old hat by now.
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User Info: imthestuntman

3 weeks ago#35
Fire Emblem always has a few that starts with interesting geopolitical stuff and then descends into weird fantasy nonsense that hampers the story. At the very least three houses largely sets it aside when it needs to, but it still doesn't really add much to the game.
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User Info: Kane116

3 weeks ago#36
They're pretty insignificant , and are kind of just there to be the "other villains" when all those resources could be used to develop other characters instead.
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