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  3. How much do you like this person's personality: Ashe?

User Info: Pickley-

4 weeks ago#31
how can you hate him. i find his nerdiness about books almost endearing

User Info: Freeze_Flare

4 weeks ago#32
Absolute cinnamon roll of a boy.

User Info: BloodMoon7

4 weeks ago#33
It's odd, playing as M Byleth I really didn't like him but now I'm doing my F Byleth runs, I find him much more likable and I will marry him last in my BL playthrough because I like ending it on a good one.

Course I married Ignatz last in GD so perhaps my tastes aren't to be trusted, he was essentially slobbering all over me.

Ignatz is a nerd.
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User Info: albertojz356

4 weeks ago#34
I love how Sylvain got 69%

Also the Lonato boy is ok but also boring and forgettable. I really enjoy taking him down with Cassandra.

Here we go, off the rails.

User Info: NeoRyujinZ

4 weeks ago#35
I kind of like him. A sweet boy who should be swamped with girls dying to get some of him. He had a tough early life where he had to steal to survive, so he isn't just a cinnamon roll boy. Just saw his C support with Marianne and nearly loled.

He gets an 8/10.
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User Info: super_taco_ftw

4 weeks ago#36
A very nice boi deserves a Very Nice score.

Honestly he's the first character I went out of my way to recruit and so far I haven't done a playthrough without him. Don't want that the change cause the thought of killing this lad breaks my heart.
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User Info: Charged151

4 weeks ago#37
"Lonato" is what stands out considering how much he brings him up. He also used to be a thief who supported two younger siblings before Lonato took him and both of them in.

Otherwise, him fighting with the Kingdom Dukedom (Empire Sellouts) in the Valley of Torment and usually dying on Turn 1 to a stride boosted party is what his usual fate is in VW/SS...and that is sad.

4/10, would be 5/10 if not for the Valley of Torment nonsense.
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User Info: Sephirowned

4 weeks ago#38
He's a good boy and killing him is bad, end of story.

User Info: Spiritsaiyan101

4 weeks ago#39
Something something Lonato. Always went on about him when I spoke to him in the monastery. Did it again post-timeskip before I killed him

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User Info: JustinTheJagged

4 weeks ago#40
I like him, he is a nice boy that deserves a good wife.
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