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  3. Is it possible to recruit everyone with supports 4 chapters before the timeskip?

User Info: Plaidistic

4 days ago#1
I recently just found that it was much easier to recruit everyone with B Supports. I had just gotten Lysithea(Playing Black Eagles Route first. On Chapter 8.) and I’m close to getting Mercedes, Marianne, Felix, Annette, Ingrid, and Raphael. Those 6 are all currently on C supports. Do you think it may be possible recruit everyone before the timeskip?

User Info: ZodiacSoldier

4 days ago#2
so you have 4 chapters left before time skip? I think you should be able to do it. On my first playthrough I didn't know about the B support recruitment until a few chapter before time skip and I still managed to get everyone.

But have you recruited anyone else? It helps a lot to plan ahead and make use of Gifts / Lost items and meals to build as much support as you can.
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It should be possible, though you'll likely have to save scum.
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User Info: KevinCC

4 days ago#4
Leonie's B Support is locked until 12/27, after Chapter 9's battle.
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User Info: SirBob1137

4 days ago#5
Just meet requirements for Caspar and Leonie, and the rest you can get with supports. Make sure to save a bunch, and if a full week goes by where you don’t recruit any of them (once they are at B support), just redo that week. If you get someone, then save, and do the next week.

User Info: Minaru44

4 days ago#6
What do your skill levels look like? Frankly just C+ is usually enough to meet the requirements for everyone pretty easily if you plan a little ahead. I got everyone bar Raphael by Chapter 6 (and he joined a chapter later) on my own first BE run and only a few of them through B.

Of course you have some of the more problematic ones that you want, so if you have not planned for them, just gifting them to B is probably better. Felix should come naturally. It's just that his requirements are a bit higher since they are your boons but unless you purposefully veered away from Swords, you shouldn't need a B support.

If you haven't invested into Flying/Riding/Heavy Armor yet, then meeting Ingrid/Marianne/Raphael's reqs could also be problematic since you only have so many Faculty training available. You can get Flying to B in 4 sessions (make sure you reset for Great) which is probably easier to achieve.

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  3. Is it possible to recruit everyone with supports 4 chapters before the timeskip?
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