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  3. What house did you pick for maddening difficulty?

User Info: Tombstone1988

4 days ago#11
Black Eagles, since it's the route I did first. Hoo boy, it's a doozy.

-Dorothea's passive is extremely useful to save vulneraries/heals.

-Most of the BE's bases are really bad, particularly for Maddening. Bernadetta does 4 damage with Curved Shot, and Caspar and all 3 mages get ORKO'ed. The paltry EXP gain means getting levels to try and shore up these issues is problematic.

-Biggest issue so far is a combination of enemy AS and hit rates. The enemies are just so fast; even Petra gets doubled by anything not using an axe. In addition, a lot of my hit chances are shaky; Dorothea's sporting a 70% with Thunder and Hubert is at 70% with Miasma, 55-60% with Mire. Edelgard is often at about 75-80% on her hit chances. A single miss is catastrophic on this difficulty (a.k.a. you have to use Divine Pulse).

So yeah, Black Eagles: not the best choice for a first run-through of Maddening, IMO.

User Info: JCoconut

4 days ago#12
I voted golden deer and lied. Because TC didn't include "none" or another vent

User Info: superxgaga

4 days ago#13
Black eagle to reunite with El!
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User Info: HayashiTakara

4 days ago#14
BE will be rough in maddening for a little bit because you won't have a tank. GD and BL both have natural tanks from the start.
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User Info: A-Omega16

4 days ago#15
BE first route done on Hard/Classic

BL second route done on Hard/Classic with NG+

GD I started with Hard/Classic NG+ but after playing those two routes practically back to back I got burned out and stopped playing for about a week. Only got to chapter 2 lmao. But when I saw Maddening came out yesterday I just decided to restart and do it on the Maddening difficulty with no NG+ since I wasn’t far in anyways
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User Info: FFT-Fan

4 days ago#16
Doing Hard mode GD right now, unsure if I might do BL Maddening or GD again for Maddening

User Info: NXmasterrace

4 days ago#17
3rd playthrough deer, did Lions and Church both on hard. Will likely do a Maddening Lions run down the line alongside an Eagles one
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HermelinHero posted...
Since I did Edelgard's route first I thought I'd replay it first and boy Dorothea's passive healing feels like a must especially for the Mock Battle

Dorothea's aura is amazing in Madenning X'D
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User Info: Zeveria

4 days ago#19
I will be doing a GD run of it tomorrow. Not out of any particular sense of efficiency, it's just my favorite house. Though I'm sure I will be grateful to have Lysithea in the early Death Knight missions...
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User Info: UnlessJack

4 days ago#20
Blue lions because they have the best lineup for this difficulty. Picked up Dorothea real early too and she's been super useful.
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