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  3. Does anyone here like both Edelgard AND Rhea?

User Info: yokitaqueen0220

1 month ago#41
Yes, I also like Dimitri and Claude. I hate any of the playable characters come to think of it. I know Rhea isn’t playable.

User Info: albertojz356

1 month ago#42
Me I like both <3

I like all of them (except Dimitri) I think Rhea and Edelgard are the best written though.
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User Info: Kantiran

1 month ago#43
I really like both.

Though I think that I like Edelgard as a character more but prefer Rhea as a "faction".

User Info: HValle

1 month ago#44
StellaLunaris posted...
I'm "meh" on both.
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User Info: elijahkun118

1 month ago#45
Captainflash posted...
Rhea is one of the best examples of writing a religious leader/character I’ve seen in a video game. She’s fascinatingly complex, and her humanitarian efforts and her desire to control and manipulate make such an interesting gestalt of a character.

Edelgard’s PTSD is one of the best, most sensitive portrayals I’ve ever seen in any media. Her flaws and strengths are internally consistent, she has a clear ethical viewpoint, and every other main character is dramatically contrasted with her in interesting ways. She’s the engine of the game and the best character in the franchise.

Hear, hear, excellent write up!
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User Info: holyknight14

1 month ago#46
They are both good examples of complex, flawed characters which is what makes them great. But do I like Rhea? No I relish the thought of killing her crazy ass in my playthroughs

User Info: TehAssasin

1 month ago#47
I want to see Edelgard and Rhea kiss. That is all.

User Info: wheatleyscience

1 month ago#48
TehAssasin posted...
I want to see Edelgard and Rhea kiss. That is all.
........golden route?
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Rhea is love at its' hottest.

User Info: NeoRyujinZ

1 month ago#49
emagdnE posted...
Rhea's only evil act was allowing humanity to live so it could spawn Edelgard.

You know if that happened, you wouldn't have Dimitri to sing praises to, right?

Since well, no humanity means no Dimitri.

Oh, and you happen to like Marth too, right? Well...if humanity is gone, so is he.

Are you seeing a pattern now? Oh, and no humanity also means no Zephiel, of whom you really like.
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