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  3. This is how the title screen changes after clearing Maddening not on NG+.
(message deleted)

User Info: Dekadense

1 month ago#22
Ku-Ri-Boh posted...
Ah yes, the reward generation

Not wanting to have fun and preferring to play the boring NG+ because the reward sucks

You tell'em. Bust out your blinged title screen on the haters.

User Info: Kainos

1 month ago#23
True... The older games had no rewards at all, for beating the game on higher difficulties. Most games had no rewards back then. But older Gamers like us are used to not getting a reward in general, not only in Fire Emblem. So maybe that's the reason for this different mindset.

But to each their own i guess... I mean, there is nothing wrong with hoping for a reward. It's just getting idiotic when people start to demand for rewards... But that's a different topic.

User Info: HayashiTakara

1 month ago#24
NeonDragon9000 posted...
Can’t wait for the elitists to become Yellowscreeners. The Genwunners of Fire Emblem.

FE Genwunners are the worst players, they can't beat Maddening without NG+
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User Info: Namyks

1 month ago#25
Rcxd999 posted...
So, just another case of Nintendo having a laugh at people for trying too hard:

Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Collect 900 korok seeds (despite only needing 441); receive a golden turd as a reward
Super Mario Odyssey: Collect all moons (some of them really difficult) and beat weak super boss and get a golden paint job for the balloon of your air balloon.
Fire Emblem Three House: Beat the hardest difficulty on an original game file and receive a yellow light on the title screen.

This seems like its going to be an ongoing trend, not that it affects me too much as I'm not that much of a perfectionist but I pity the people who are.

Anyone got any other Switch games to add to this?

The fight against Inner Agent 3 in Splatoon 2's Octo-Expansion and you get a golden toothpick with a s*** ability.

User Info: A-Omega16

1 month ago#26
Well I was hoping for more...

But I have to do this. It NEEDS to be unlocked.

I have to prove to everybody that I can beat Maddening without NG+! /s
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User Info: Pictocheat

1 month ago#27
cr14mson posted...
Jacien posted...
It's gonna be..

TWO yellow lights



WTF was that? Do I need to clear my browsing history? (I'm at work)
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  3. This is how the title screen changes after clearing Maddening not on NG+.
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