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User Info: Pewpewblaster97

4 weeks ago#111
legendarylemur posted...
I think funneling is better for higher difficulties. She'd be a decent char to pump speed items and levels into. You'd also use speed 1~2 food

Funneling EXP and stat boosters on to one character is certainly a valid tactic in higher difficulties, but even then Lysithea isn't the best pick for them.

Her earlygame is really terrible since she's limited by spell use and she doesn't have the stats to really do substantial damage, let alone ohko.

Fast foward to the late game, she'd still wouldn't be a great investment for combat since she'd be unable to provide good combat arts like Swift Strikes or have a good way to dodge tank like Wyverns/Falco's can.
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User Info: legendarylemur

4 weeks ago#112
Yeah I think fliers are better than Lysi, but in terms of magic usage, Mages give Fire, and it doesn't take long til she gets various killer moves. You still probably need more than one funnel anyways. Considering stat boosters are easy to come by because of gardening, even half of the speed boosters going to Lysi and giving her kills once she has a lot of reason will probably let her double quite a bit of enemies
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User Info: Metal Gear Raxis

Metal Gear Raxis
4 weeks ago#113
Hayas***akara posted...
Metal Gear Raxis posted...
Hayas***akara posted...
@Metal Gear Raxis posted...
@Hayas***akara posted...
and you keep telling yourself that they're good

Fine, in what way are they "dog s***"?

crap growths, crap bases, lol f*** you stat penalty, denied full movement range 75% of the maps. Having 3-4 movement most times makes canto utterly useless. and on that 75% where their horses are dogs***, they're just inferior to everyone who wasn't stupid enough to get on a horse to begin with.

Dark Knight has comparable to better growths and bases than Warlock and Gremory in all relevant stats, aside fron a -5% in spd, which isn't going to actually effect anything since you're already at level 30.

Bow Knight does have pretty spotty growths (not bases), but, again, you're already level 30 and have at best 10 more levels to gain, so the end results won't actually hurt you much.

The last two BE maps are the only ones that noticeably hinder horse movement late game since most late maps are on indoor and urban environments. There is the doom swamp in GD 22, but you want to send a flyer to clear that up so horse movement is irrelevant.

why the hell do people keep forgetting dark knights loses out on 3 mag and 2 spd vs gremory? tomefaire only brings it up to a 2 mag deficit, but you're effective giving up 2 AS for 2 more ATK, this is not an equivalent exchange, so you're stacking that speed penalty on top of spd growth penalty. Maddening is already a pain in the dickhole due to enemies having high AS. the only thing you're doing by going DK is to get f***ed even harder. I'd argue having 10 more dex growth is infinitely more important than getting 5 more defense growth, like seriously, what the hell is 5 more defense growth going to do with mage characters who typically have 20% defense growth? absolutely nothing, that's what.

Nor will 10% more dex do anything for you either.

Due to the weight of high-tier spells and mages usually having low strength and meh spd (Lysithea and Hubert are the only two with more than 40% growths), 2 spd will usually not be sufficient to allow an unblessed mage to double most enemies late game.

Also, gremories are going to have a hard time even keeping up with wyvern lords and bow knights. dark knights won't.

But in maddening, you'll have a hard time trying to justify most characters as a bow knight.

Quite the opposite, increased attack range (and mobility) are going to be incredible assets against enemy pegasus/falcon knights trying to reach your back row or other high-range enemies.
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