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User Info: Kythlyn

1 month ago#1 freaking joke. Mock battle has your team of 5 level 1 units (maybe a couple level 2s if you played your cards right in the first fight) against 10 level 7 and 8 units.

User Info: EdeaCreamer

1 month ago#2
...aptly named?
Fifth of cognac, add some triple-sec...

User Info: Walshin

1 month ago#3
The first mock battle took me 20 turns to finish. And I was cheating by playing Blue Lions too.
I'm bad at the game again ! This is going to be fun.

User Info: Tombstone1988

1 month ago#4
Yeah, the enemy stats in that mock battle are really high. Combat Arts, bows and magic are absolutely necessary. Claude ORKOs pretty much everyone in Black Eagles, so Player Phase kills are vital.

Maddening is a fitting title thus far.

User Info: KariyaLollipop

1 month ago#5
Just had to use my first divine pulse cause i didn't realize bandits would be tag teaming me with Pass in chapter 1. Feels good.
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User Info: Walshin

1 month ago#6
I cleaned house in the mock battle with a combination of Bow Felix+Tempest Lance " What is durability " Dimitri. Dedue was the mvp tanking Claude and Edelgard, Byleth was dealing with mages with his own bow and sword, and Annette was cheerleading spamming rally STR ( She did more dmg with that rather than using spells >.> )

Many Vulneraries were lost that day.

User Info: Kythlyn

1 month ago#7
Yeah, playing this as Black Eagles... I don't even know what to do. I need to bring magic users to even have a chance at taking out Dedue, but I'm lucky to even get that far without losing one of them, or running out of spell uses.

User Info: Ku-Ri-Boh

1 month ago#8
Of course richards only notice the levels @beelzemon
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User Info: Namyks

1 month ago#9
Did it GD and the only way I was able to deal with Dimitri and Dedue was by throwing Byleth into the Thicket and dodge tanking.

I can't wait for the unlock to be the toothpick from the Octo-Expansion.

User Info: MinatoNarukam

1 month ago#10
Currently doing the map with Golden Deer.

The team:

Only RNG-reliant moment so far is Ignatz dodging 2 77% from Hubert.
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