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  3. Leonie's supports destroyed her as a character

User Info: lucky_sharm19

1 month ago#11
I think shes at least an 8/10 personally, but ill admit its helped a ton by her english VA's amazing performance
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1 month ago#12

User Info: PlasticFrog

1 month ago#13
Okay, maybe it should be Byleth/Leonie supports are terrible instead of all her supports. It's just disturbing that IS decided to lock her B support until after Jeralt's death. It would have been so much better if Leonie's B support has to be unlocked before Jeralt's death because what kinds of people tell that to someone whose only family just died?

User Info: Zeveria

1 month ago#14
Aside from her B support happening too early, I don't see the problem. It's one of the few times we see her insecurities and personal issues, which I felt we needed to see more of.
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User Info: PlasticFrog

1 month ago#15
The timing of her B support is weird. One moment she's telling you she knows that it must be very hard on you and one moment is she scolding you for not appreciating your dad enough. Leonie is blunt, but she does have empathy and adequate social skills to not do that.

User Info: Osranger

1 month ago#16
I don’t actually have an issue with any of her supports, but it felt like all of her post-timeskip lines were some variation of, “For Captain Jeralt!”
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User Info: Tyranthraxus

1 month ago#17
ArtiRock posted...
Her ones with sylvain, hanneman, and Manuela are fine for starters. Edelgard isn't too bad either. Her bad ones aren't even bad so much as they aren't as good.

I hated Dorothea + Hanneman personally.

Sylvain is cheating because he's got the best supports in the game.

I loved Dorothea + Manuela though.
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User Info: SmashingBros

1 month ago#18
I've loved her supports so far. Granted I got C before Jeralt died, so...
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User Info: HayashiTakara

1 month ago#19
lucky_sharm19 posted...
Felix x Dorothea < a worst version of Annette x Felix
Bernie x Dorothea completely forgettable
Edelgard x Dorothea so f***ing bad, a whole lot of nothing, that led to nothing, a complete waste of an A support
Caspar x Dorothea so f***ing bad, he just became her backup b**** incase she couldn't get a husband
Hubie x Dorothea mediocre with the A support being completely inorganic and forced.
Ingrid x Dorothea this one was good because Ingrid told her to stay the f*** away from her.
Ferdinand x Dorothea her only good one

I wasnt very excited for Dorothea initially, but liked her a lot more over time. All in all Dorothea's supports are mostly good (i still havent seen them all)
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User Info: TheLastSmile

1 month ago#20
Maybe we should consider that Jeralt's death was harder on her than it was for Byleth?
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