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  3. People who used Lysithea, what class did you make her?

User Info: OfficialPotato

3 weeks ago#1
hmmmmmmmmmmm - Results (227 votes)
74.45% (169 votes)
Mortal Savant
3.96% (9 votes)
Dark Knight
14.98% (34 votes)
Holy Knight
0.44% (1 vote)
Another unlisted class
3.52% (8 votes)
I didn't use her but I wanted to vote
2.64% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Title. I'm on NG+ and using her for the first time, and can't decide what to do with her.

Help my indecisive ass.
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User Info: PurpleEchoes

3 weeks ago#2
No armor knight option?
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User Info: chaincat22

3 weeks ago#3
Gremory but she'd be a solid magic knight. Obviously dark knight would be better, but deus vult, infidel.
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User Info: HermelinHero

3 weeks ago#4
I went Gremory since I wanted all Master Classes but now I'm starting to wonder if keeping her in an Advanced class might be more beneficial, though with how often the Gloucester Crest procs I doubt it'll matter much

User Info: Urodos

3 weeks ago#5
Gremory, made her a DK once which was fun, but usually Gremory.
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I went with Gremory, but I severely regretted doing that. You absolutely want her as a mounted class - the mobility and canto make more of a difference than anything else.
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User Info: DreadKaiser

3 weeks ago#7
Currently Warlock, looking to make her a Gremory

User Info: mixedmethods

3 weeks ago#8
Dark Knight is her best option. I’ve made her a Gremory and Dark Knight is just better.

User Info: Rishah0078

3 weeks ago#9
Gremory + March ring + the item that gives permanent +1 move.

User Info: A-Omega16

3 weeks ago#10
Lvl 38 and still a warlock rn :/ only a 66% chance of passing for Gremory too

And I only have one more month at the monastery lol. So guess I hope I can pass that exam or I’m going into the final battle with a warlock Lysithea with only 4 mov

Well on the bright side she has S rank in reason so she gets the extra range for black magic
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  3. People who used Lysithea, what class did you make her?
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