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  3. How different was the actual story compared to your prediction based on trailer

User Info: raulgarcia2

3 weeks ago#1
hmmm? - Results (27 votes)
Not different
11.11% (3 votes)
A little different
3.7% (1 vote)
Moderately different
29.63% (8 votes)
Mostly different
40.74% (11 votes)
Completely different
14.81% (4 votes)
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User Info: IvoEska

3 weeks ago#2
I thought Byleth would be pulling some radiant historia type thing where all three lords would try and fail to take down the dragon at the head of the underground church but they kept dying unless you rewound time to solve each one of their specific issues and then they all came together at the end to defeat the big bad.

User Info: sylawaatch

3 weeks ago#3
Completely different and for the better. The story looked like Fates level garbage based off the trailers. I had already written the game off.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

3 weeks ago#4
I did not expect it to turn out as morally gray as I thought. I figured the infighting angle was just an attention grab and that each route would more or less end with everyone teaming up against a bigger bad.

User Info: BloodMoon7

3 weeks ago#5
I don't make predictions. It's a good way to look the fool.
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User Info: EdeaCreamer

3 weeks ago#6
Significantly different. The Emmeryn-knockoff turned out to not be an Emmeryn-knockoff at all, and the loli manakete actually ended up being the most mature presence in the game. The dude with the f***-off sword actually wasn't Garon 2.0, and in fact barely appears in the story unless you do the GD route. The Church isn't actually evil (that's unusual). Battalions aren't nearly as horrifying as I thought they were going to be, though they still kinda make my brain itch. Byleth doesn't go having sex with minors like I thought they were going to (wise idea locking the higher support tiers past the time-skip).

Overall, pleasantly surprised.
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User Info: MechaFlo

3 weeks ago#7
I thought that the goddess would end up being the central antagonist like in Radiant Dawn.

I had a feeling something was going to happen between Edelgard and Dimitri but I thought it would be more 'X bad thing happens during the millennium ball and they have different approaches in what to do in the aftermath leading to conflict.' I wasn't so much surprised that Edelgard pulled something but more surprised that it happened pre time skip and that it wasn't in response to another villain's actions.
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  3. How different was the actual story compared to your prediction based on trailer
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