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  3. What was your first Fire Emblem game?

User Info: Reimys

1 month ago#41
Seth was my middle school crush. So. SS.
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User Info: TalesofLizalfos

1 month ago#42

I've been wanting to play it for awhile, and it seems to be the one I'd enjoy most. So I got it, and enjoyed it. Even finished a short playthrough of it today.
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User Info: SpeedDemon20

1 month ago#43
Technically, Blazing Sword because I borrowed it from a friend, but I didn't complete it before having to return it.

Really, I'd say Path of Radiance. I played through it blind, knew nothing about the mechanics, never let Ike near anything because the objective always said he couldn't die, got destroyed on that mission where you know who appears, kept playing despite losing most of the Greil Mercenaries (name a character, I probably lost them), and then was forced to use Ike because I had so few units. He caught up so fast; I basically reacted how Okoye did when she asked what Scarlet Witch was doing hiding in the science lab with Shuri. Then I picked up the GBA games.
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User Info: jbreez00

1 month ago#44
Heh, My first fire emblem game is three houses I guess. I voted heroes, but thats because I got it mixed up with warriors which isn't even listed as one (but is really the sole reason I even got into the franchise after all this time since melee).

User Info: MechaFlo

1 month ago#45
POR technically but I didn't get very far into it.

Awakening was the first one I completed. Then I went back and did POR/RD. I started doing the GBA ones via nintendo E shop but I got burnt out on FE for a while and never finished FE 7 or 8 because of it.

User Info: ssjremuko

4 weeks ago#46
Sacred Stones. Eirika route. Shes still one of my fav FE characters of all time.
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User Info: Decapre

4 weeks ago#47
I feel legit sorry for anyone who started with Heroes.

User Info: Kittyinpink87

4 weeks ago#48
Blazing blade. Still one of my favorite games
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User Info: Sentinel07

4 weeks ago#49
Sacred Stones.

Funny enough I don't even remember if I knew what genre Fire Emblem was outside of "RPG" at the time I got it. Well, whatever circumstances were, it stuck with me while playing it.

User Info: NinoTheSage

4 weeks ago#50
Blazing Blade. That's when I first joined GameFaqs and got my name from.
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  3. What was your first Fire Emblem game?
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