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User Info: SabataKun

2 days ago#1
I'm on chapter 21 "The Final Battle" church route and after 8+ hours of trying I just can't seem to finish this chapter. Playing on Hard/Casual and everything was a cake walk up until this point. I've mostly been focusing on 4-5 units in terms of leveling (ranging from levels 45-47), and I've noticed everything on this map is 43+. I'm using MC, Catherine, Linhardt, Flayn, Petra, and Caspar as my main units. Everyone else (I kept everyone alive) hasn't been touched or leveled. Not only that but there's HELLA enemies on this map. So much that the game just lags a bit when scrolling through. As far as classes go:

Petra - Mortal Savant
Linhardt - Bishop
Flayn - Bishop
Catherine - Mortal Savant
MC - Mortal Savant
Caspar - War Master

I know, no ranged attackers or riders. But up until this point as I said, I never had an issue progressing through with that team comp. Everything was real easy actually, but this chapter just doesn't seem to budge.

Is this salvagable or do I just begin a new game?
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User Info: cheat721

2 days ago#2
In my opinion, your best bet would be to keep your team grouped up, and advance slowly. Let the enemies come to you.
It will take you a lot longer, but you should be able to win.

Also make sure each unit has a healing item in case you need it.

Hope this helps.
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User Info: Expelsword

2 days ago#3
Pretty sure you can turn the difficulty down to Normal as a last resort.

You've got a really bad team though, barely any diversity.

2 Healers though, so theoretically if you can clear everyone except the boss, you can shieldbreak and damage until you win.

Obviously, the sword Relics will be your most damaging option, otherwise you'll want some Blessed stuff to smash the shield in one blow.
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User Info: SabataKun

2 days ago#4
I ended up just bringing down the difficulty to normal. The team was pretty bad for this kind of battle. But with normal I was able to do it easy without any casualties. Sour victory but at least it was done.
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