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User Info: ChidiU

2 days ago#11
I had 3 mages in my GD run. Lysithea on offense, Marianne on healing, Linhardt as hybrid. It never felt like too much.

And yeah you could make everyone fliers or calvary and just run train on the whole game, but we all know there is no difficulty out right now that requires optimal playstyles. So do what you think is fun.

At least until Lunatic.

User Info: MogRegalCeles

2 days ago#12
If you're doing a GD route with that lineup you'll probably have 4, because Marianne will likely be your healer (and she has great offensive magic ability too). I made her a holy knight and she was fantastic, but she could be a good gremory too (but not as good as Lysithia lol).

As others have said, I don't think 3, or even 4 would be too many, they are all very good units and I'm sure Byleth and Lorenz will be able to take a few hits anyway.

You could turn Ignatz into a sword user, maybe as a sword/bow wielding assassin. He's not as good of a bow user as Leonie anyway, and you'll want her to take a bow knight path.

User Info: dexstiny

2 days ago#13
Hi all, thanks for the answer and yes u guys are right that I'll have 4 if you count Marianne! My ignatz would most likely turn out to be a dancer and my Byleth is gonna run a full mage build this time round. Thanks for the answers!

User Info: Fresita

2 days ago#14
Ugh I have 4 if you count Mercedes and Marianne (i recruited Dorothea too) and annette... yup, does make four

And I am still figuring out if I should glasscanon-sama

edit: runnin BL
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User Info: Archwing3441

2 days ago#15
dexstiny posted...
TEzeon431 posted...
Use as many as you want. Mages are pretty OP in this game.

Will I feel lacking in variety? Since I also realised I'll have no sword user

Nah, golden deer’s weak spot is lack of swords so it’s not really worth trying to fit that in (I tried). Anyway, there’s no really point in having variety in melee weapons, without the weapon triangle, they fundamentally all play the same role.

User Info: _Sanaki_

2 days ago#16
TEzeon431 posted...
Use as many as you want. Mages are pretty OP in this game.

I use all Mage team, they’re pretty great.
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