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  3. Will Eddie as an emperor be left behind on the battlefield?

User Info: ksaf

2 days ago#1
Hello there. I love the tank archetype. And Edelgard looks like a anime version of a warhammer character as an emperor. But...
Considering half my units will be mounted (including two wyverns), and most of the guys on foot will be spell casters (exceptions are Byleth and Felix), will she end up being left behind?
Guess I could just warp her around. But should I just make her a wyvern lord too? Which version makes her the unstoppable killing machine everyone talks about?

User Info: superxgaga

2 days ago#2
As emperor, shes gonna have to watch in the back line, wyvern lord all the way.
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User Info: snae99

2 days ago#3
I just put a march ring on her and she kept up pretty well with everyone.
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User Info: warriorman222

2 days ago#4
Emperor does get left behind. 4 Mov at the end of the game is unsalvageable and it only even had 5 Def over Wyvern Lord. The -4 Speed over even Noble Edel gets get doubled by mages which will barely kill her. To top out of, she doesn't even hit that hard; her chance of one shotting is about the same as Wyvern Lord Petra/Ingrid/Ashe and less than almost any other Wyvern Lord simply because of Class Change bonuses, and she's obviously never doubling.

Wyvern Lord is the unstoppable killing machine. Emperor loses 4 Spd while WL gains 4 so there's a massive 8 Speed difference between the classes on a character whose speed is already borderline. WL also had 4 Str over Emperor, equal Res and the obvious 4 Mov which lets her zoom ahead of her allied instead of lagging behind. The normal WL path of Brigand > Pegasus > Wyv Rider > Lord widens the gap in Str/Spd even more on initiation with Death and Darting Blow. One shotting and doubling every non-Asassin/Swordmaster on a map is not uncommon with Wyvern Edel.

The only loss is 5 Def, but that in itself is less than 4 Str/Spd or 4 Mov on their own let alone both along with Canto and Flight. In addition, while Emperor packs a March Ring Wyvern Lord packs Aurora Shield to make that 5 difference a 2 for free. Wyvern Lord is just better.
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User Info: Comyx

2 days ago#5
I'll probably keep her as her story class just because of rule of cool, but I know full well that I should be just making all of my physical units into Wyvern Lords.

User Info: ksaf

2 days ago#6
I was planning on going brigand - - > warrior - - > emperor. But everything suggests that the damn wyverns are just vastly superior. But I'm still considering if only for flavor.

Bonus question: how viable is she as a dark knight?

User Info: Mjolnirboi

2 days ago#7
ksaf posted...
Bonus question: how viable is she as a dark knight?
Perfectly, if you don't mind that your Axe skill won't take priority.
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User Info: ksaf

2 days ago#8

User Info: TEzeon431

2 days ago#9
She's pretty awesome at fighting in the Emperor class, even if its slow. Just Warp her all over the place, give her a Brave Axe+, and watch the enemies cry. Wyvern Lord is probably more optimal though, as is the case with most physical units that don't want to be Bow Knights.
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User Info: RJ1771

2 days ago#10
I made her into a Great Knight and she did just fine in terms of mobility, defense, and offense. The only exception is on the last stage of the Edelgard route, but good god everyone has trouble with mobility on that stage for spoiler reasons. Pro tip: hope you've got a good air force. :3
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