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  3. Do you think the DLC will be a fifth route?

User Info: Auteni

1 month ago#1
In wich case I can see it being a sort of Revelations twist where you can recruit all three lords. Bad writing but still nice.
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User Info: StellaLunaris

1 month ago#2
I hope not... Or if it is, don't make it some "happy ending canon route" thing.

Make it like...Byleth ends up destroying the timelines by trying to save everyone. Or sacrifices themselves and leaves the ring in a letter for their S-support. Or some kinda mindf*** where they wake up in bed and see the birthday gifts from all three house leaders but then Jeralt comes in like the beginning of the game and cue credits.
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User Info: CircusMonster

1 month ago#3
I'm thinking either a Revelations-esque route or some sort of post game expansion.
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User Info: jloweis

1 month ago#4
Revelations with good writing sounds pretty nice, but I still want the DLC to be a prequel to Three Houses, like Torna to XC2.

User Info: Archwing3441

1 month ago#5
No, I want the opposite, you become enemies with all of them.

User Info: Fresita

1 month ago#6
Either revelations or I am guessing, some material to fill in with Edelgard route cus its just so incomplete

And I'd rather have the revelations route

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User Info: riotstorm948

1 month ago#7
On DLC, if I plan on playing more than one route, should I keep an end save of each to be able to play the DLC with a preferred house? Know there aren't details fleshed out yet, just curious what people think.

User Info: Someguy1006

1 month ago#8
I'd love a route where I can recruit all 3 house leaders for gameplay reasons. I don't think it'll hapoen though.
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User Info: Sir_Punsalot

1 month ago#9
I don't think we're getting a revalations DLC...
Either that, or they're being so frigging candid about it to avoid backlash.
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User Info: Menardii

1 month ago#10
Archwing3441 posted...
No, I want the opposite, you become enemies with all of them.

That would be cool honestly. You can only take students you recruit with you.
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