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No, I think Byleth is perfectly fine by their own respects. Games would not be interesting or unique if they were just copy pasted from one another, and the silence fits Byleth's personality well. Robin is one of my favorite game characters of all time, but I think it would be unfair to compare him to Byleth, since they are two separate characters with two different personalities.

User Info: Mjolnirboi

3 days ago#62
brainrotter posted...
How are people self-inserting into a predefined, untweakable character with a concrete personality and backstory
That's Robin.
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User Info: greyfoxx69

3 days ago#63
I like blyth at least they don’t have amnesia and pretty much all the recent FE protags have set backgrounds I don’t get that complaint.
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User Info: NinoTheSage

3 days ago#64
While I don't like Byleth as a character, I don't think supports with him are worse than Robin's.

Characters in his supports usually use him as a sounding board for their own personalities. I can understand why this would grate on people, but it allows the other characters (that usually have more interesting personalities) to shine more. It's infinitely better than stuff like Robin x Chrom's "you peeked at me in the bath! No, you peeked at me in the bath! Let's get married!" support.

Also, he gets quite a few pretty good responses:

Sylvain: I just finished dumping another woman after playing with her heart for so long.
Byleth: Jerk.

User Info: LittleRoyal

3 days ago#65
Robin-Nore of an actual character, not the main character

Byleth-has no persoaity aside from a mercenary who cares about her students, but is the main character.

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User Info: greyfoxx69

2 days ago#66
I’ve realized why I don’t mind Byleth as a main character/ avatar they’re set up like a persona main character. That same voidless stare, everyone is drawn to you, new guy in town that’s a great fighter and strategist, voices in your head. It’s persona XD
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User Info: A-Omega16

2 days ago#67
JGD_83 posted...
He looks cool and never says anything stupid, completely unlike Corrin. Good enough for me.
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User Info: TheFuzz3451

2 days ago#68
Silent protagonists shouldn't exist, especially when the game has a central narrative like this

Would've been significantly better with a real character as the protag
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Deny. I'll take an actual character over the customizable avatars. I liked Robin but both kris and corrin were awful. Byleth actually had a good impact of the plot positively effecting whatever side hes on, unlike corrin who single handedly made everything worse.
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User Info: Renegade_Hero

2 days ago#70
His armor design is sweet, but I can’t figure out why they’ve ditched the avatar creation after Awakening. felt more immersive. Also the sleeves are kinda weird. Overall though, I vote deny
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