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  3. Who was your first S rank in Fates/Awakening and how different...

User Info: HayashiTakara

4 weeks ago#1
is that going to be in comparison to who your first S rank in 3H is going to be?

My first S rank was Kagero in fates, and Anna in Awakening, and I'm 99% sure I'll be S ranking Petra... I think I have a type here, lol /cough
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User Info: MatoiFalconWing

4 weeks ago#2
Fates: CQ Charlotte, BR Orochi, Rev Camilla
Awakening: Cordelia

Now Three Houses: Petra

User Info: BaggedSalad

4 weeks ago#3
I S ranked Gaius and then Keaton in Fates. I plan to recruit Lorenz over to the Blue Lions to pair with my Byleth. I'd say they're all pretty different looks and personality-wise lol.

User Info: JarodLH

4 weeks ago#4
Awakening: Maribelle
Fates: Velouria
3H: Currently it's between Manuela & Ingrid.
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User Info: Cobalnite

4 weeks ago#5
Always Azura in Fates
uh... s*** I forgot who I married first in Awakening. I think it was either Lucina, Tiki, or Olivia

Going not!Rise Dorothea for 3H
Official Husband of Lady Azura from FE:Fates
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User Info: GreenMage7

4 weeks ago#6
Awakening > Cordelia
Fates: BR > Scarlet
Fates: CQ > Effie
Fates: Rev > Kaze

Three Houses > Undecided. Leaning toward Catherine but things could change.

User Info: Zer0billion

4 weeks ago#7
Awakening: Lissa
Birthright: Hana
Conquest: Elise
Revelations: Selkie
I would've gone with Selkie in birthright but thought it would make most sense to save my favorite character for Revelations route.

Three houses I'm going for Lysithea. Not much different from my other choises, I like petite characters, plus according to her bio she shares pretty much all of my interests.

User Info: chughes724

4 weeks ago#8
Lucina in Awakening, Edelgard in 3 Houses. Both strong, tough women who feature heavily in the marketing.
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User Info: LittleRoyal

4 weeks ago#9
Awakening: Chrom (now is Chrom!inigo if female Lucina of male)

Fates: Kaze

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Plus it depends. I want to hook Dmitri and Ingrid up
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4 weeks ago#10
Awakening: Nowi
Fates: Selena
Three Houses: Lysithea

I always changed my S supports on each new playthrough, and I plan on getting different S supports with the other routes in Three Houses as well.

I'm thinking either Dorothea or Edelgard in Black Eagles and Mercedes in Blue Lions.
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  3. Who was your first S rank in Fates/Awakening and how different...
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