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  3. What house are you picking and why? (add an explanation in-thread)

User Info: Zeniaaaaaaaa

6 days ago#1
nobody will see this but im gay

Petra sucks or I'd definitely choose Black Eagles. I might pick Blue Lions. Golden Deer has Lorenz who is cute post-timeskip but I'm not really on board with FRIENDSHIP HOUSE so as magnificent as Claude's design is it's between Black Eagles and Blue Lions for me,

Probably Blue Lions. Definitely Blue Lions if i can recruit Dorothea anyway.
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User Info: bill114

6 days ago#2
Black Eagles. Best waifus, most interesting group of characters, and I think Eldegard will have the most unique story between the three lords. The fact that she has two paths is telling.
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User Info: Binkster

6 days ago#3

no that’s dumb but I just really like the atmosphere that they present in comparison to the more serious and dominate tone given off by the other houses. I was always going to choose them but now I’m curious as to how the dynamic will shift after the time skip, especially with Claude.

If they don’t go the generic peacemaker route and he has his own goals to undermine the other two, Claude could have some of the best narration in fire emblem, close to Arvis levels.
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User Info: Joozhuah

6 days ago#4
Black eagles because I like all the characters and it just seems like the correct option for the first playthrough
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User Info: Maoong

6 days ago#5
Black eagles. No real reason.. liked most characters from that nation and have the best leader.
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User Info: StellaLunaris

6 days ago#7
Blue Lions and recruiting Linhardt.

I'm just really curious to know what the heck happened to bring them where they are post-timeskip.

And seeing the Meet the Blue Lions vid and hearing Dimitri's voice (I originally thought he'd be kinda stuck-up just looking at his portrait) makes me think it's gonna hurt my emotions reeeeeeeeeal bad...
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User Info: Cobalnite

6 days ago#8
Eagles have Jojo!Rise and the meme offspring of Lyn and Reinhardt, that's pretty much it
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User Info: ChibiRidley

6 days ago#9
I really like the atmosphere and characters in Golden Deer. Blue Lions has grown on me a lot since the original reveal, though

The Black Eagles have done the opposite, where it feels like every time we see Edelgard her personality seems more and more just "woke fascist" and I'm not loving it
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User Info: Fenumber1fan

6 days ago#10
Blue Lions. Dimitri has my favorite design of the lords, I like nearly all of the characters from what we know about them, and because I want to.
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  3. What house are you picking and why? (add an explanation in-thread)