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  3. What are the optimal class choices for the SoV villagers?

User Info: brainrotter

4 weeks ago#1
I've always gone with Merc!Gray, Mage!Tobin, Cav!Kliff, Cleric!Faye, and Archer!Atlas

If I'm not playing for efficiency (read: most of the time) I'll have the guys abuse the Dread Fighter loop first until I'm satisfied with their stats
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User Info: brainrotter

4 weeks ago#2
Bump for actual FE gameplay discussion
We live as we dream-- alone. -Joseph Conrad
FEH FC: 0523262833 | +10s: L!Hector, OG!Reinhardt, SF!Nino, Ares

User Info: emagdnE

4 weeks ago#3
Dread Fighter for everyone, really. Cleric for Craye Faye.

-Half damage from magic, the most dangerous type of attack.

-Infinite leveling if you choose.

-Super good bases.

-Forged Brave Sword is helluva drug.
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User Info: GreenMage7

4 weeks ago#4

User Info: TsunamiFox

4 weeks ago#5
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User Info: Vortex_Oblivion

4 weeks ago#6

Gray is the clearly the best option for mercenary among the Ram boys, as he is the closest to promotion and therefore can reap the advantage of the class sooner.

Tobin learns Excalibur sooner than Kliff and his base SPD means he won't loose AS with Fire.

Kliff does well as an Archer since he has the best base RES among the Ram villagers and his good SPD growth made him a good opponent against witches, you might ask why I advocate him as an Archer despite his magic list being good? He learns Excalibur quite late and EXP in Act 1 is quite contested by the Clerics who actually learns their best spell(s) more early as well.

Cleric + Faye equals good, you can't dissociate the two. Good magic list and unequaled utility, as soon as she learns Physic, Faye will become an important asset to Alm's team. That's all.

Atlas made a solid archer in Celica's Route mostly because of his stupidly high STR and him using Killer Bow + Hunter's Volley helps him to secure kills in a more easily way.
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User Info: Unbridled9

4 weeks ago#7
Cleric Faye is a complete terror to her foes. Her magic list is really solid including the games only dance option, physic, and you can pair her up with Silque for some wonderful redeployment shenanigans to boot. She's been my MVP consistently along with Silque just because of how much flexibility the pair bring when used in tandium. That's not to mention her combat skills, of course, but it's her nucking futs utility that really just seals the deal.
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User Info: Panthera

4 weeks ago#8
Gray - Mercenary. He has strength and not much else, so Merc fixes his problems.

Tobin - Mage. Good enough base speed to be able to double some stuff with Fire and he gets early Excalibur which is awesome. Eventual Physic is nice too.

Kliff - Cavalier or Archer probably. His base speed is too low for mage. Merc is also okay.

Faye - Cleric by far. Physic is good, Rescue allows for all kinds of shenanigans

Atlas - Mercenary. Even more extreme than Gray, he hits hard but has nothing else. Merc lets him double and hit things.

User Info: DiogoShadowJorg

4 weeks ago#9
Merc Gray, mage Kliff, Cleric Faye and archer Tobin.

Atlas should be an archer. Mercenary is a good idea too, but it will more difficult to train him with less range.
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User Info: Dandelionel

4 weeks ago#10
I must be the only one who makes Faye a Cavalier, since it's clearly her canon class
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  3. What are the optimal class choices for the SoV villagers?
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