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  3. I am surprised people do not like fire emblem echoes. What was wrong with it?

User Info: zumaddy

2 months ago#31
Around Act 3 it starts to drag in terms of map quality for both routes, and Celica's especially becomes dull. Around the late half her personality and IQ take a huge hit as well. Add to the fact that Alm got critted from a 1% crit by Duma and I had to start the long last map over which nearly made me throw my 3DS I thought 'thank god' when I finished it and put it away.
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User Info: ChibiRidley

2 months ago#32
Honestly, the only thing I liked about it was the gameplay(minus the map design in later levels). The magic system was cool, the skill system was cool, archers were fun for the first time in ever... not bad at all

Well, I liked the characters, too, but that was somewhat dulled by how much most of the supports in this game suck, and the story... well, if you remove all the stuff they added(notable Fernand, Berkut, Rinea and Conrad) you would have a mildly underwhelming story. But when you factor in the stuff they added it straight up sucks

liked it more than Fates though
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User Info: MetaphysMonarch

2 months ago#33
Ignore the haters. Echoes was good.

User Info: Joniden

2 months ago#34
I actually love the game. I'll never understand some of the hate these games get.
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User Info: MageRyuto

2 months ago#35
The story is good (albeit flawed like all stories), the presentation, art, music, and voice acting are truly top notch.

The characters are overall pretty solid, but only about half of the playable characters get noticeable development/attention provided you don't go out of your way to make sure you get all the supports and village conversations (it takes a while, but I did it because I love the cast). Of course, imo, there's just some really meh characters in general (Faye, Kamui, etc.) and its villains are kind of overhyped. But overall, the characters are pretty great.

The gameplay is... not so cash money.

Alm's maps are plains, forests, and the occasional fortress for the entire game, and they all blend in together very quickly, while Celica's route is boats, then deserts, then swamps. Tbh, I like the boats, and didn't mind the deserts all that much, but the swamps can screw off.

The class selection is really shallow, and due to that and how promotion gains work, there's a good chance a lot of characters will end up pretty samey.

Cantors and any other enemy that can summon monsters needlessly extending the time you spend on a map.

I'm fine with the bonuses from graves and forests, but regular floor tiles should not give avoid bonuses. Ever.

Ironically, I love the dungeon exploration and I think that's a high point of Echoes, but fatigue is a bad mechanic in both FE games that use it. I shouldn't be punished for using characters I love a lot.

Enemy spawns on the world map that actively go towards you to fight and can't be avoided are the work of the devil.

The game in general can get really grindy towards the end.

That said, there are gameplay things I do like, such as Mila's Turnwheel and Combat Arts, so it's not all bad. But I just finished Echoes again, like, a week ago, so a lot of the game is still fresh on my mind. So, the bad stuff is really sticking with me.

Echoes is still a great game through and through, but imo, it's the weakest of the 3DS titles.
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User Info: SuperWiiCube64

2 months ago#36
Honestly I see more of the Echoes “hate,” just on Gamefaqs. People probably don’t like it much because of how different it is from the other 3DS games and from other FE games in a few areas.

Personally I knew going in it was going to be a different experience and a remake of one of the earliest games, and I ended up really enjoying the game. I’ll agree with others that the map designs aren’t the best, but I was happy to have a FE game where ALL of my characters felt useful across both paths. It felt like everyone in the groups were pulling their weight and not where only 10-12 people you recruited actually do all the work and others sit around.

I think it’s a great game and it’s one of my favorite FE titles/one of my favorite 3DS games. It isn’t perfect, but it does most things right.
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User Info: StellaLunaris

2 months ago#37
While I enjoyed it, I do believe that cantors can eat the girthiest dick ever.
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User Info: Kid_Gilgamesh

2 months ago#38
Writing and Presentation are pretty good

Gameplay sucks
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  3. I am surprised people do not like fire emblem echoes. What was wrong with it?
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