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User Info: Endgame

3 days ago#1
Are you doing it? - Results (62 votes)
40.32% (25 votes)
59.68% (37 votes)
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Naga projects her image into your living room and says she will grant you a wish related to the Fire Emblem games.

Whatever you want for the next game, she will make it happen. How? b****, she's Naga! Of course she can make it happen!

But first..... she wants you to do something for her in return.

Nothing too major. Just sacrifice Elise upon an altar. Why does she want you to kill Elise? Well, she's the Divine Dragon! Surely this means Elise did something bad! Or maybe she's just doing it for the lulz.

Before you can say anything, Naga warps the ceremonial knife, altar. and Elise right into your living room.

"Don't worry about the blood. I'll take care of it." Naga says.

Elise is tied up and gagged. She's pleading to you with her eyes.

"Do it!" Urges Naga doing a Palpatine impression. Looks like she's a prequel memer.

Anything you want (related to Fire Emblem) can be yours.....

Do you do it?
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User Info: Aysander

3 days ago#2

Give me a Neo Hector superboss, clad in divine armor. You can use your entire army to fight him, all fielded at once. But if you somehow lose, your save data turns to ash before your eyes.
(message deleted)

User Info: Aysander

3 days ago#4
Ad_Victoriam posted...
I'm not murdering someone who hasn't wronged me, especially not a child.

I mean, there's really one flaw with this.

How is a projection going to actually kill Elise, if she's summoned to our place? Devil's in the details.
(message deleted)

User Info: Panthera

3 days ago#6
Yes I would wish for FIRE EMBLEM to become more like FIRRRREEE EMBEM so we can have LOTS OF TACTICS in our video gaming hobbies today and tomorrow for the sake of the FIRE in the EMBLEM

User Info: Charged151

3 days ago#7
Endgame certainly hates Elise all right...although if that's news to anyone, you haven't been on this board long enough.
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User Info: Fudanshi

3 days ago#8
I would want Lunatic Mode to be a thing, and I'd need it to be as hard and well designed as Conquest.
Preferably harder.
Would I kill Elise for it?

I have no problem with killing bad people.
Like Iago.
I wouldn't even flinch.

But Elise?
No way hoesy.

"Papa, I have to say one more thing before we leave. ...Rrrgh rawrggh rrh! That's dragon for "I love you!"
- The Most Precious Thing in existence
I'll ask her to force you to marry Elise instead in exchange of a FE related wish.
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User Info: shadow1296

3 days ago#10
so endgame you get two wishes of yours, you don't give up anything of value for this wish so of course you would do it
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