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  3. Switch has 50/50 male/female player ratio. FE Three Houses needs Female MC

User Info: xenosaga123

1 week ago#1
Female protagonist would make the game, story and experience overall greater, especially for people that prefer playing as female protagonists.

FE Three Houses would not make as much money nor have as much fans with only male MC. Female MC is needed too. also Female protagonist option made FE Awakening and FE Fates (the most popular and successful FE SRPGs) even more popular and successful.

plus it can expand more marriage and child possibilities too, players love those features and FE Three Houses shouldnt just pander to one sex. videogames shouldn't just represent boys, but also girls in lead role too.

User Info: ShizuruKuwabara

1 week ago#2
Shut the f*** up and go back to tumblr.

User Info: CherryTsundere

1 week ago#3
We literally already have Edelgard confirmed as one of the mcs but okay.

Who was also the focus in the trailer but sure.
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User Info: Crown_of_Horns

1 week ago#4
I don't mind what gender a character I play as if they're an actual character with no personality. If they're an avatar with no characterization of their own and are supposed to ve "me", I play as the female only because I prefer women.
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User Info: Endgame

1 week ago#6
Nintendo themselves stated that in Japan at least, female players are the MAJORITY of the Fire Emblem fanbase. You can see this belief in some of the Japanese commercials seemingly marketing to women. (Mystery, Blazing Sword, and Sacred Stones in particular.)

.....Which makes their whole move towards pandering to unsavory male audiences as of Awakening all the more questionable. Why are characters like Tharja, Camilla, Nowi, Elise, etc. now at the forefront when the company themselves believe more females are playing the games?

I mean, I know the real reason. (Waifus make more money than husbandos.) But still.....

As for whether or not a female protagonist would make the game better..... lolno. Especially not with modern IS. We really can't trust IS to competently write female characters. If you took away wanting to f*** Daddy from Lucina, she'd basically have no personality beyond shounen anime hero quips. If you took away wanting to f*** Corrin from Camilla, she'd be a complete blank slate. Even their rewriting of Celica to make her naive complete with a scenario that wasn't even in the original game (Jedah didn't trick Celica, he just trapped her party in Duma's cave and Alm had to come to their rescue.) is still not quite as naive as Eirika was. And then along came Corrin.....
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User Info: Perfect Z

Perfect Z
1 week ago#7
Is this supposed to be an ironic thread or something? Byleth is almost certainly a customizable avatar.
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User Info: Yurari

1 week ago#9
If Byleth is an avatar, and it doesn't have gender options, I will be VERY surprised.

We also have Edelgard, who appears to be the most important character between Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. So I think that can appeal to female audiences pretty well.

I do agree that it would be a smart marketing decision, so I'll be shocked if they don't do it. Especially when characters like Female Robin and Female Corrin are very popular with men, anyway.
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User Info: xenosaga123

1 week ago#10
s***uruKuwabara posted...
Shut the f*** up and go back to tumblr.

that is very rude. I present a thought that is positive and beneficial to the game and fans.

and its an option, people aren't forced to choose it.
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