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User Info: Dragonage2ftw

2 weeks ago#1
I have several pictures hanging up on my wall. I have the famous one of Camilla in her bunny suit, lookin’ hot, one of summer Corrin and Elise, one of regular Corrin, and a picture of both the royal families of Fates. I hung the Nohrian one over where I sleep and the Hoshido one over where I keep my stuffed animals, so every night, I’m picking Nohr over Hoshido all over again. Amoungst my Amiibo collection, I own M!Corrin, Chrom and Tiki.

Also, I have 3 pictures of Bowsette. Not really FE related, but it is Nintendo related.

How about you?
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User Info: nekuyr2002

2 weeks ago#2
I still have the box that birthright came in... somewhere around here. Does that count?

EDIT-oh oh oh, and a small food vendor I ate at once, had a F!Corrin doll on display. That must count.

User Info: KawaiiTakumi

2 weeks ago#3
I have a fe fates themed 3ds skin
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User Info: SmashingBros

2 weeks ago#4
Marth, Roy, Ike, Robin, Lucina, (Male) Corrin, Chrom, Alm, and Celica amiibo.
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User Info: ShizuruKuwabara

2 weeks ago#5
Elise blow up doll.

User Info: UltraGoombaX

2 weeks ago#6
This one....
As well as a Sexy Camilla one.
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User Info: HValle

2 weeks ago#7
I got Lucina's figure. I liked how sexuality explicity It wasn't.
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User Info: AlveinFencer

2 weeks ago#8
Cipher cards.

Lots and lots of Cipher cards.

Also amiibos and a Lyn (I'm sorry, Rin) button.
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User Info: Arne83

2 weeks ago#9
Only some Amiibo...

Marth, Roy, FEW!Chrom, and Tiki (the best one).
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User Info: nekuyr2002

2 weeks ago#10
ShizuruKuwabara posted...
Elise blow up doll.

Why don't you take a seat.
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