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    Lukas isn't being doubled

    Lukas would totally be doubled...

    On average, as a 20/20/20 Baron, he has 12 SPD. Dagons have 8, a Fire Dragon has 11, and both White Dragons and Fafnirs have 12.

    You need, in 58 levels, for Lukas to proc a 15% growth rate, 4, 7, and 8 times respectively to not get doubled, and once more on top of that to double.

    👍This is why If you ever want to use a knight, get a fast one like Forsyth, but better if you just bench them asap

    Low SPD, low Mov, terrible class

    Except Forsyth is worse since Lukas counters his SPD growth with a fantastic DEF one. He won't be doubling, but he won't be taking much damage, either.

    Lukas, as a 20/20/20 Baron, has 33 DEF and 12 SPD. Forsyth, by comparison, has 21 SPD but only 25 DEF. If you were to ask me for my opinion on which one is better, I'd say Lukas.
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