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User Info: kaioideiye

11 months ago#1
Im going to start playing Fire Emblem and want to know where to start. I played Fire Emblem Heroes on Android until I simply couldnt afford or have enough time for it. Now I wanna play the actual 3DS games.

So from what Ive heard Awakening is thought of as the better game from the majority of the fanbase. Ive also been told that Awakening is the best place to start. Fates doesnt get great reviews. Echoes is the newest release. So is there any reason to play Echoes as far as online/DLC content. Will I be missing out if a I purchase Awakening.

User Info: mysteriouslurke

11 months ago#2
You can miss out on both and lose nothing tbh. Fates is superior to both SoV and Awakening in terms of gameplay.

And no I'm not saying that out of unreasonable opinions. Birthright is basically Awakening 2.0 and Conquest has some semblance of a challenge.

It's a bit more difficult comparing it to SoV since the gameplay in SoV is actually different from most of the series, not just a couple games. That being said, I feel that they didn't do as well with the gameplay as they could've. Which is my nice way of saying it's awful.

Anyway I'm assuming gameplay is what you're wondering about since that's the only thing AwakaFates, SoV and Heroes can say they have some kind of thing in common.

If I was to pick between Awakening and SoV, I'd pick Awakening solely for the replayability. I don't like how classes are limited in SoV. That's kind of boring imo. Especially since they don't let us class change more easily. Unless you're a villager or merc, you'll need a Villager Fork, of which you can only have 3 per file. :/
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User Info: ShizuruKuwabara

11 months ago#3
Echoes if you have to choose one. But Path of Radiance should be your first.

User Info: RyomaOfHoshido

11 months ago#4
For a first game? Awakening. If you like that then play Fates, then SoV
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User Info: blade_knight_v2

11 months ago#5
Awakening and then Echoes.

I'm not sure what is this Fire Emblem Fates people speak of.
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User Info: Ben111

11 months ago#6
Awakening, never play echoes
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User Info: billlybob

11 months ago#8
Awakening is the ideal entry point for newcomers to the series. It'll teach you everything you need to know.

If you like Awakening, Fates Birthright is the logical second step, but should not be your very first game as it is a bit different from other FEs in terms of game mechanics.

Fates Conquest should be avoided, at least for now, as it may be too difficult for a series newcomer to handle, and the story is..... less than phenomenal, shall we say.

After you finish Birthright, consider Fates Revelation. It is between Birthright and Conquest in difficulty. Most maps have their own little gimmick. Some people like this approach, others don't. The story is nothing groundbreaking, but it's inoffensive, and will offer a more conclusive and satisfying ending to the story than Birthright or Conquest (in that you actually fight the real villain and not just his minions).

After Birthright, you may wish to play Echoes. It is a good game, but much simpler in terms of mechanics compared to other FEs, which some people dislike. Because of how different the mechanics are, it makes a poor entry point to the series, but it's a fun game for what it is, and not too difficult either.

User Info: IrvineADCarry

11 months ago#9
blade_knight_v2 posted...
I'm not sure what is this Fire Emblem Fates people speak of.

A series of three totally separate games with plots irrelevant to each other, that a certain greedy company and some "die-hard fans" like to call them as one.

One of them has certainly the best plot out of the three, one another has a debatable good plot (as some claim that it has better story than the first, but others believe the opposite). The third one's plot is notoriously s***ty.

The first two games have in common a good gameplay and a few gimmicks that are not really hard to grasp, but even that is not the case in the third route because this third game itself is so bad it is totally non-salvageable.


Back to TC question, if you're starting the series I'd say choose Awakening as it is really forgiving for new players (read: literally hand-holding) and from there you will have a good standpoint on the mechanics of Fire Emblem.

Echoes is a remake of Gaiden (which means it is literally a spin-off from the first game of the series). Its gameplay while has some points in common, has enough different mechanics from the other games in the series so that you can start it off along with Awakening if you want to. Also, the best story in all 3DS games.

If you started back then, before Awakening was a thing, I'd really suggest giving Fire Emblem 7 (Blazing Sword) or 8 (Sacred Stones) a try.
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User Info: HValle

11 months ago#10
I'm cautious about recomending Awakening because you'll set the bar too high. If possible, try to play the GBA ones first.
But it is a better entry poiint than Fates. Echoes seems to be almost it's own thing,

IrvineADCarry posted...
One of them has certainly the best plot out of the three, one another has a debatable good plot (as some claim that it has better story than the first, but others believe the opposite). The third one's plot is notoriously s***ty.

I wonder which one is the s***ty.

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