Fire Emblem Echoes: SoV vs. Fire Emblem: Awakening

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User Info: DiogoShadowJorg

5 months ago#21
themegaman7 posted...
DiogoShadowJorg posted...
themegaman7 posted...
Echoes is better.

Awakening is easily the worst game in the series.

Never played Awakening, but it can't be worse than Sacred Stones and it's easier than easy difficulty levels.

PoR, Awakening and Birthright are all easier than SS, unless you specifically abuse Seth.

Afraid not. Birthright actually has more bosses and enemy formations that pull their weight. Sacred stones bosses and final bosses pale in comparison to moving bosses and Garon. Also Awakening has Hard and Lunatic which are harder than SS from what I've seen.

As for PoR, Berserk Ashnard isn't a joke like Lyon and Formotis.
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User Info: Atmaboy

5 months ago#22
Endgame posted...
Fates is just one game. Even Nintendo admits it. But whatever.

Awakening: Godawful gameplay, bad presentation.

Fates: Godawful gameplay, godawful presentation.

Echoes: Bad gameplay, great presentation.

Awakening: Nosferatu is an instant win button. Also the only class with access to it also gets Vengeance, one of the most broken things in Fire Emblem history.

Echoes: Nosferatu is locked at 60% accuracy making it unreliable and it weighs down the user.

Awakening: Kozaki's character designs.

Echoes: Hidari's character designs.

Awakening: enemies are just vomited across the maps and they rush you.
Echoes: maps are designed to actually try to beat you. Fortresses defended by archer squads just like in real medieval warfare.

And so on.

It never ceases to amaze me how far people go to defend Echoes gameplay. It's just as unbalanced as the others 3DS games with less overall strategy and needlessly large, repetitive maps. I can't remember how many "Duma Faithful spawns a ton of terrors, expel everything " maps there are. It's saving grace is better presentation and a story that doesn't fall flat right out of the gate.

Mages are as OP in this game as any other broken element in Awakening or Fates.
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User Info: Liquid_King

5 months ago#23
They're both pretty bad. Just good for one file.
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