Jedah is now the main bad guy of the last game you played (Non FE games)

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  3. Jedah is now the main bad guy of the last game you played (Non FE games)

User Info: GodOfDerp

8 months ago#1
Sequel to Clive taking over the good guys job in other games. Now its Jedah's turn to take over the bad guys side! How does the game change with him as the new bad guy?

Jedah replaced Neo Cortex in crash warped. One can only imagine what he would use those power crystals for...

User Info: mysteriouslurke

8 months ago#2
Not this again. I only play FE and Pokemon and Haven't touched Pokemon in months. Jedah is now an abusive father who is insane and tries to summon aliens....
*realizes you can replace aliens with Duma and it's the same thing*
Damn Jedah. You're so generically evil, even Garon can't believe it.
...what do I put here?
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User Info: SoloCross

8 months ago#3
So Jedah is the bad guy of Need for Speed Prostreet? How does that even work?
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User Info: TheSpartan45

8 months ago#4
Jedah replaces Zephiel.


User Info: CharizardFire

8 months ago#5
After a 100-year slumber, Link awakens and has to gain the strength to defeat Calamity Jedah.

User Info: Anonymously

8 months ago#6
So for the force unleashed would he be Vader or Palpatine?
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User Info: emagdnE

8 months ago#7
Jedah is the bad guy of Closers?!


Uhh, Closers is a MMO with an ongoing storyline. But I guess the mastermind behind the longest story arc thus far works here.


Yeah, I'd say Jedah is a downgrade. One of the characters' gimmicks is even "True Damage". (Completely ignores enemy's Physical Defense and flat damage reduction. Some things can mitigate his damage though.) He'd get through Duma's Gift.
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User Info: Arne83

8 months ago#8
Splatoon 2. So...

Jedah feat. Callie: Octobot King II

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User Info: Aquachubolt

8 months ago#9
Jedah now replaces Hunhow as the leader of the bad guys in Warframe. Instead of trying to kill all the humans and the Tenno, he is now trying to bring Duma to the origin system to spread his glory. Unlike Hunhow however, Jedah is not a nigh-invulnerable robot, and most likely would give away his safe hiding position by making it an unmistakable giant tribute to Duma, which would allow the Tenno to easily track him down and destroy him with a very small amount of effort.
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User Info: Malakith2512

8 months ago#10
Being the big bad in New order wouldn't really change anything.
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  3. Jedah is now the main bad guy of the last game you played (Non FE games)

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