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User Info: codin64

4 months ago#1
What is the trick to this secret? I have beaten the lamb with the lost and also deliberately went to half a heart with Isaac and beat the second floor with half a heart remaining the whole way through. What does it take to unlock secret 329?
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User Info: mrmtmn

4 months ago#2
Did you get it to unlock?
I can't help you, unfortunately. Mine unlocked while using the Lost from the beginning of the game. You can send a message to Nicalis. It probably won't make a difference to them at this point, but maybe they are aware of the problem.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

2 weeks ago#3
You have to complete an entire Dark Room run without picking up ANY hearts, bombs, or coins from the floor.

You cannot pick up soul hearts either. The only consumables you can take are keys, cards, pills, and batteries.

You can still get some bombs and money from permanent items like the Quarter and Sad Bombs. You can also get them from 2 of Spades/2 of Diamonds. Cards are legal. If you can take money or bombs without picking it up off the floor, that is fair game.

You can only add soul hearts and black hearts to your meter with items that add the hearts directly. Heirophant is forbidden, but Dagaz is OK. Maw of the Void can invalidate the run, but Satanic Bible is legal.

Red heart heals are legal via The Sun cards, Full Health pills, etc.

I got this challenge with Azazel and the Satanic Bible. The Lost also works, but I found the access to soul hearts more valuable than a Mantle and infinite Devil Deals. With the Lost, I kept dying on Satan or a bad Dark Room floor.

The strategy is to avoid opening any chests, and try to become strong enough to sweep all floors without shops or secret rooms. You have to treat most floor items as if they are instakill traps.

Finally, there is no shame in dropping to Normal for this. It is arguably harder than even the Ultra Hard challenge, since you cannot rely on shops or secret rooms to save a run.
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