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User Info: kikoken

4 months ago#1
Looks like it.

User Info: Life Sympathy

Life Sympathy
4 months ago#2
If you're into guideline Tetris or the Puyo Puyo games then this is worth a pickup.

If you love Tetris and are incoming from NES or GB Tetris then you may not know what "guideline" means. It is a set of new standard rules that Tetris games must follow in order to receive a license to sell a Tetris game. This gives a completely different feel than the original NES or GB Tetris where part of the fun comes from the true randomizer or no lock delay. A lot of people refer to games that follow these guidelines as "Guideline Tetris" or "Modern Tetris"

These are the guideline rules:

If you are incoming from Puyo Puyo then this game uses Tsu rules. It unfortunately does not contain any fever mode.

Online for Nintendo Switch is a bit stagnant. If you would like the ability to constantly find a stream of players with online matchmaking (random opponents) then you're probably better off buying the PC version. Otherwise, you'll likely have to find communities where you can challenge other players to 1v1s online.
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User Info: kikoken

4 months ago#3