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User Info: Star-Kanon

7 months ago#1
I know a guy who have the game :

The guy : http://www.jeuxvideo.com/profil/new-sephiroth?mode=infos
https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2018/27/1/1530539539-dsc-1655.jpg (see his pseudo bottom the TV)

Translated from French, this is NOT my personal opinion I don't have the game :


Okay, let's go for my final opinion.
Even though I was expecting it a bit, I still hoped for a little twist or surprise once the eight scenarios were completed. Nothing, unfortunately.
The game offers eight independent stories to follow in the desired direction.
Except that good, although nice, they remain rather basic and do not break three legs to a duck. But above all, they are (too) short. 4 chapters per character, lasting an hour on average when you have the required level. That is 32 hours of "scenario" in total. The rest is farm level and exploration.
Moreover, the chapters are all cut in the same way:
Arrival in town -> dialogues / cutscenes -> dungeon -> boss -> dialogues / cutscenes -> end of the chapter. No quest that makes you travel to the four corners of the map (which is therefore limited to one continent, no vehicles, nothing).
The side quests are really nazes and uninspired (Fedex quests) and very intuitive. Clearly there are times you do not know what to do or where to go. So that I quickly zapped them.
On the other hand the combat system is enjoyable, the technical / graphic / artistic top and sublime OST. But that's it. It's a good JRPG, but it will not stay in memory (at least in mine). So I come out a bit disappointed with the game, because I was expecting a lot.
I'm not a fan of notes but if I had to put one, I would say 14-15 / 20.
After it remains subjective, the game will certainly please but we are very far from the masterpieces of the genre

I forgot to specify: 60 hours of play on the clock. Farm level mandatory (especially at the beginning, after it's better), it a little exhausted.

For the scenario, there is none. It's 8 mini stories of four hours each (in a straight line), nice overall but not memorable either. I loved Primrose's and her story of revenge. But 5 or 6 hours more I would not have said no.
I repeat it is a good game, but not a future masterpiece. There was so much way to make a more epic scenario once all the stories ended, kind of end of the world or I do not know. But no.

I redo the point: I have 60 hours of play on the clock, my main team being about 70 lvl. I finished all the scenarios (of all the characters so). There is nothing after. No new main quest that triggers. I just have the side quests to finish (I retried this morning, I confirm that it's really not inspired -> "go get me the log of the thing", for money and a grass), visit the still dungeons (I have a dozen of them left), bump big optional bosses (I am at 1/4) and upper all the characters at lvl 99 (something I would not do). So yes the game can take a hundred hours without problem.
I saw a question about the bosses above, there is a boss per chapter (so 32) + all the options related to the exploration (dungeons, caves, caves, mountains). On this side there's plenty to do, rest assured. Especially since the combat system is enjoyable.
I repeat my words, Octopath is a good JRPG but is far from equaling his models / inspirations. In short, nice without more than my point of view.

User Info: Star-Kanon

7 months ago#2
The reputation system rogue / noble is really overrated and has no impact on the progress of the game if it is blocking the actions of the characters in a village. But after 10 hours of play I quickly dropped this thing too, because ultra repetitive and honestly quite dispensable.

There's no dungeon counter, just count them on the map. There are not 150 either.

The rogue / noble system, it is anecdotal, point. I tested and it is very very limited. Whether you fly with Therion or buy the same thing with Tressa at the same NPC, it does not make any difference except that the "rogue" actions have a percentage of success. If you fairs 4 times in the village, you can not perform special actions anymore. Tour to the tavern, little bribe and it's gone, as if nothing had happened. Is it supposed to be revolutionary? Personally I found it a little pushed and frankly dispensable (besides being repetitive and boring) once you get to the 15th village.
I flushed the game for 60 hours, I think to be able to affirm everything that I advance.

I want to say that the game remains good despite everything. Combat system, visual aspect, OST ... at the top. System of second jobs rather nice and permissive.
Just the "scenario" that is agreed, that takes no risk and that proposes to follow only eight personal stories (a little short of course). Uninspired side quests and system of "special abilities" in half-tone.
It remains a good game to do all the same, but knowingly. I would say it's worth 14 or 15/20.
I think that when we have all that in mind, we can start without being too disappointed.



User Info: pedroj

7 months ago#3
very bad is stretching it way too much,honey... the guy just said what the developers have been saying forever, the game is focused on the individual characters

User Info: delRey91

7 months ago#4
Not that I don't trust it, but I have a hard time believing that the game doesn't have at all an end or compelling story.
I will enjoy regardless, but I still hope there will be at least one final chapter that will unify the characters for one purpose.

(+ After reading the whole thing where does he says "VERY BAD?" He's enjoying the game and the battle system, he gave it a 14-15/20) so your topic name is click bait.
In order.

User Info: Kakarotto9

7 months ago#5
What part of " 8 Characters with 8 stories, which path will you choose?" did people not understand about the advertisement.

User Info: closetkpopfan

7 months ago#6
I'm fine with this honestly. I don't need to save the world for the millionth time and have some cliched reason to tie all the characters together. I'm so tired of stories in rpgs anyway, especially Jrpgs. They don't do anything for me anymore. I'll take good gameplay over anything else, so this sounds perfect for me.
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User Info: zidane kuja

zidane kuja
7 months ago#7
1) No where in that review does he say the game is very bad. In fact he said the game is good.

2) I was never expecting anything more than the 8 individual stories. Why are people trying to create expectations the creators never advertised.
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User Info: Sonkai165

7 months ago#8
What part if this was bad?

OP is a troll

User Info: Sonkai165

7 months ago#9
And quite frankly if this review broke embargo, the reviewer can get fired.

User Info: Dancing_Moogle

7 months ago#10
So it's 32 chapters, lots of sidequests and dungeons and 4 additional jobs? That's enough for me.
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