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accord 6 days ago#1
why do you like smt more than persona
Musicology 6 days ago#2
Persona 2 is my favorite game of all time and I love Persona as much as Shin Megami Tensei; but I respect Shin Megami Tensei more for making very different games where Persona has become very formulaic since Persona 3 Vanilla. Persona is milking the hell out of the date sim. After Persona 3, FES, P3P, P4, P4 Golden, P5, even Tokyo Mirage Session was a breath of fresh air despite having very similar themes.
Bored_Moogle 6 days ago#3
Because Persona is bloated to hell and back. The social sim crap does nothing but kill the flow of the game with pointless crap. Don't get me wrong, I like the social links themselves. Those are good for characterization. But there's too many of them with a lot of inane not important characters, wasting time rising social stats that are just there to gate your progression in the links, school crap...ugh. they're 90 hour slugs that could be solid 40 hour games if you just trim all the fat. Have less social links but of a higher quality, reduce the waste of time. Improve the damn pacing.

Also I despise most of the anime cliches. Do we need a hot springs scene in every game? The same tropes of characters in every game? Repeating the same dialogue ad nauseum over and over? The battle system is also inferior to Press Turn. And while I usually like the main party members quite well and they're more developed than anything in mainline SMT...characters and plot are different things and the stories in Persona are awful. Except the P2 duology.
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Moranite 6 days ago#4
Gameplay: SMT at its best > Persona at its best >SMT at its worst > Persona at its worst

Story: Persona at its best > SMT at its best > SMT at its worst = Persona at its worst

Taken as a whole I tend to prefer mainline over Persona. SMT's look and feel (cyberpunkish, post-apocalyptic with myth and religious imagery mixed in), subject matter (end of the world and multiple factions fighting either to get the scraps or to rebuild it in a new image) and mechanics (recruiting and fusing a team of demons, the Press Turn System, etc.) is a lot more appealing to me.

Which is ironic because I used to have it the other way around. Back in the day I gravitated towards Persona much more easily because it was closer to what I was already familiar with. My interests started to become less and less "normal" for want of a better word, and I found that SMT scratched a very specific itch I didn't even realize I had until then (other MegaTen games also helped to satisfy this craving, even older Persona, now that I think about it)

It's not that I think Persona is bad, more that I feel there are many other places where I can get what I like about it (likable characters, stories with strong themes) while SMT is this very specific thing in my mind that nothing can substitute for. Or at the very least, I haven't found it yet.
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Gorz 6 days ago#5
Persona is good, it just had to much fluff. I'm ok with characterization and story but, there's just too damn much of it in Persona.
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Persona games can be good, but it pisses me when I have to read and listen to dialogue 5 times during a fight. What is the purpose? Is the guy good? Is he bad? Don't care, just let me kill him.

That being said, Persona Q is the best Persona game.
ramzariot 6 days ago#7
I haven't played all the games in either series so I can't comment on average story quality, however I can say I dislike social links. I can't imagine playing the rest of the persona games would alter my opinion of that.
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topidhai 6 days ago#8
accord posted...
why do you like smt more than persona

I only like SMT more than the modern personas. Remove all social/life sims from modern persona and i will probably like them equally.

MakotoYuri 6 days ago#9
Persona has to much fluff, pacing is bad and i don´t wanna play a dating sim.
It´s the turn-based RPG combat i´m looking for, a good story too.
it´s like filler episodes in anime, and i´m not a slice of life guy i want action, Persona while I like it just takes to long to get to the juicy bits.
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Wynvkius 6 days ago#10
I like both but I think SMT has better combat with the press turn system. I also think that demon fusion is much more impactful and rewarding in SMT because the demons you fuse are your teammates in battle rather than a massie collection of movesets only for the MC. Also while I like the meaty character driven stories in Persona games too it’s also refreshing to play a game especially in this genre that doesn’t constantly bog you down with long drawn out cutscenes.
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