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User Info: bella81762

3 years ago#1
or just one fight after another,,, any exploring and such,,, dragon quest was this old ladied fave series

User Info: Brother Ein

Brother Ein
3 years ago#2
It's a game like Dynasty Warriors (aka Hack n' Slash). It's fun and has some RPG elements (levels, skills, equipment, etc.) but the gameplay is purely fighting.

It is nice, however, to see characters and monsters in full scale and high def 3D graphics.
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User Info: freedumbdclxvi

3 years ago#3
There is definitely exploring - you have wild zones that function as maps for finding materials and treasure chests. You also have Alltrades Abbey for changing professions and weapon proficiency. There are a lot more DQ elements in this than standard Warriors style games, but the gameplay at base is still Warriors style. But, as said above, doing this in 3D with the skills is just awesome.
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User Info: swongq

3 years ago#4
Made by Koei and Omega Force. Even the default controls act like any Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors game.
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