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User Info: DanF2000

1 year ago#1
So I'm trying to calculate how many hours it would take for me to complete a few games (8 pokemon games for each region with Unova being split within two games, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, this and Rune Factory 4) and I was just wondering how many hours it would take to complete the game including current and future DLC (estimated). When it comes to complete, it's just get an S Rank in each history mode battle as I'll come back later to get all the costumes, anna's conditions, etc. Thanks in advance!
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User Info: FFnut

1 year ago#2
DanF2000 posted...
just get an S Rank in each history mode battle

DanF2000 posted...
come back later to get all the costumes, anna's conditions, etc.

Seeing as there are History Mode battles locked behind the Anna Conditions, this may take longer than you think it will.
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User Info: Taikira_Naerani

1 year ago#3
If you allow 10 minutes for every map (Some can be completed faster but other can be locked to longer times or be complicated. Also you will have to double up on certain battles to unlock the Anna ones.)
Story Mode is about 21 battles
There are 5 Base Game History maps, with 25 battles each.
Hero Challenge has 21 battles.
Fates DLC includes 73 battles across 3 maps.
Additional 2 DLCs, for the sake of having numbers I will assume 73 x2.

I'm coming up with about 64 hours just based on running all the battles and never missing an S Rank. That seems lower than I expected
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User Info: gunarm_dyne

1 year ago#4
After doing all of the main story on all 4 difficulties, all History Mode Maps S rank, all of Anna's tokens, and all Support conversations, the base game took about 110 hours. Another 10-15 or so for the Fates pack.
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User Info: Megamanzx1902

1 year ago#5
There is also the farming of materials, which can vary wildly depending on luck and which battle you grind each material at.
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User Info: spaceludes

1 year ago#6
Just completed the base game clocking in around 140 hours. All of Anna's Mementos in Story + History Modes, S ranking all missions, grinding for materials and True Power on weapons. All characters ended up in their 70s as money wasn't an issue.

User Info: AllisThat

1 year ago#7
Around 200 hours.

User Info: Gaia093

1 year ago#8
100-110 hours might be enough if you're not going for all supports, etc. My file is around 140 hours with supports and everything done.

User Info: Mr Stick

Mr Stick
1 year ago#9
I went into 200 hours, but this included completing story 3 times (which you don't have to do, but I played Normal first, did 2nd Anna Conditions on Hard thinking Lunatic would be too hard, then did Lunatic for the achievement), completed all History Maps (base game, DLC & the free update) 100%, got everyone to Lv90-102, and I grinded to have everyone's True Power/Divine Favor (except Rowan since I hate him). Also all the times I failed. Plus lots of idling. I idle a lot while doing other things.

So that's probably more time spent than it should have been.

That said, you *have to do* Anna's Conditions to get 6 of the missions for your "S Rank everything".

If you are playing through story mode once, it is only like 20 hours, watching all the cutscenes/dialogue. Could be shorter than that depending. There's no ranking.

History Mode depends,but there are currently 9 maps, with 6 more coming. They could 5 hours if you are good, but longer if you have to redo them for the S ranks.

The game will probably take like 100 hours if you are just focusing on beating it & S Ranks, but you have to account for menu time & failures and whether or not you will do Anna's Conditions to get the 8 (6 now, 2 more via the future DLCs) extra missions.

You also may or may not have to grind KOs for certain weapons to even beat certain missions or levels/money (or sit there selling stuff) so you can beat the harder missions.

Story Mode doesn't go very high (Lunatic hits Lv 60?), and missions don't go beyond 60 in the base game, aside from Anna's (80). Some DLC missions go higher though. The highest level enemy in the DLC is Lv90 IIRC? Or maybe higher, but that's as high as the map levels go.
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User Info: AllisThat

1 year ago#10
^Have you scanned 100 times any amiibo?
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