What else besides the roster are flaws of this game to you?

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  3. What else besides the roster are flaws of this game to you?

User Info: Lazzyman

5 months ago#1
There's a lot of frustration around this game and practically all of it is centered around the roster choices. While that would be good enough reason to say you're disinterested in the game, people have been labeling the game overall as disappointing and likely bad.

My question is what do some of you think about the game that is bad or dissapointing aside from the roster? Despite my rabid defending of the game I can think of a few things I'm miffed about.

-The low health beeping is going to get annoying really quickly
-A lot of the English voice acting sounds off
-Enemy draw distance doesn't look all that much increased from Hyrule Warriors
-Flier units look a little awkward to control and all of the Pegasus Knights look to play exactly the same
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User Info: votris11

5 months ago#2
VA are hit or miss

Leveling up should happen after battle not during to keep the flow of battle while still having the classic lv up screen. Yes I know you can turn it off, but what's the point of putting it in if most people are going to turn it off.

3ds frame rate seems just as bad Hyrule Warriors

near death beeping sound

everything else i need to play to judge

User Info: Zinie95

5 months ago#3
Besides the obvious garbage roster, the clones and the unoriginal movesets are just atrocious. The English voice acting is disgusting. The clunky flier animations. etc.

User Info: KariyaLollipop

5 months ago#4
Setting aside clones as a function of the roster, my other gripes are these:

Weapon variety - in the same vein as roster but this isn't about characters. Swords, roughly half the weapons, are only weak to three units, and those units are in turn weak to bows. A two man team with the right weapons can cover everything with at least neutral damage. This is of course conditional on us not getting reaver weapons.

Darius - Cool guy, love his aesthetic, but since he hasn't been revealed as playable they basically tipped that he'll be either a villain or dead by the end of the story. Damn shame too.

Chaos Dragon - maybe this will be resolved but that name really doesn't do it for me. I mean talk about generic. Grima, Anankos, these are fun names. Could have even given us a name based on existing mythology like Ashera. But nope. They removed one Dark and one Light monster from the graveyard to summon Chaos Dragon.

None of these have derailed my hype, but these are the biggest hits off the top of my head.
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User Info: Ragiroth

5 months ago#5
Honestly I think just clones, and weapon variety. Everything else aside from those 2 and the roster is totally fine
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User Info: Gamemaster64

5 months ago#6
Being another warrior game. Need KT to make it. Can't make something different or original to be a spin off without them.
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User Info: ErsatzVuIpini

5 months ago#7
I am very happy with this game, but there is one thing i find off... why are the enemy units so short? The character scaling could use some extra love in my opinion, but im sure its done purposefully. Otherwise i like the game the way it is

User Info: zumaddy

5 months ago#8
-Anna sounds incredibly annoying as voiceover guide "we have to help them!!!"
-We know next to nothing about the villains returning and their place in the story
-Rowan still looks bad
-Celica, Sakura and Cordelia faces don't look right.
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User Info: Atmaboy

5 months ago#9
The fact that it's a Warriors game and will become repetitive as hell in a few hours. It needs to keep bombarding me with nostalgia and unlockables like Hyrule Warriors to keep me on board.
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User Info: SamarasMadness

5 months ago#10
An infantry, cavalry, and flying unit for every weapon (besides swords), and mages based exclusively in one element rather than every mage being multi element. That would have naturally lead to more variety. So in short, the initial lack of planning over character consideration.
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  3. What else besides the roster are flaws of this game to you?

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