Annoying affinity nodes for the main blades? *spoilers*

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  3. Annoying affinity nodes for the main blades? *spoilers*

User Info: NeroSanguine

6 months ago#1
Poppi Alpha
Poppi QT
Poppi QTpi

In terms of the main blades (legendary rarity), were there any nodes on the affinity charts that were excruciatingly annoying to fill out for you?

User Info: Quol

6 months ago#2
Poppi QTπ and her 600 Blade Combos, when i unlocked it i had like 226 done so i had to take out Mythra and spam for hours the light combo.

User Info: Toxsa

6 months ago#3
Poppi QT Pi reflection must be the longest grind for me to unlock -.-

600 3rd stage blade combo, yet enemies usually die too fast to reach the 3rd stage blade combo aside from high level unique monsters.

Mythra has annoying walking 600000 step, but for completionist this one should come naturally.

User Info: beautheschmo

6 months ago#4
50k high score on Tiger Tiger. I did eventually git gud from farming level 5, but that was way after I unlocked that particular node and getting that first perfect run was really, really annoying.
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User Info: rjl

6 months ago#5
Pyra: cooking

I've not done any of the Poppis, the others are fine.

User Info: RainingMetal

6 months ago#6
Cooking and killing specific enemies are the ones that stand out for me the most. Tiger Tiger's also another mention, but I've managed to build up enough practice to get the four medals needed for this accolade on a semi regular basis.
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User Info: NeroSanguine

6 months ago#7
Hm. Alright.

Seems like the Poppi trio are going to be the most tedious.

I don't think killing specific enemies shouldn't be too bad. Just need to locate them with a quick google search.

User Info: Siriocaz

6 months ago#8
Poppi Alpha's is actually very simple, I had completed it I think by Chapter 6.
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User Info: Shieldlesscap

6 months ago#9
So far I’ve completed Pyra, Mythra, All 3 Poppis, and Aegaeon. The most tedious nodes for me were:
- Pyra’s Cooking
- 50k Tiger Tiger

- Aegaeon gained literally all of his affinity nodes from playing the game normally and sending him on Merc Missions
- I’d already used Poppi Pi to farm Reeking Douglas, so she’d already done her 600 blade combos, I’d already killed every superboss minus Orion, and farmed Kurodil a bit, so the 9,999,999,999 damage was easy.
- I’d already walked everywhere and gotten the run speed deeds so Mythra didn’t have a problem with this

I haven’t done the others, but Roc is still not even at Merc Rank 5.
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User Info: EgHeadFool

6 months ago#10
Of those I guess Pyra because of cooking, like people have said. Nothing else was hard. QTπ automatically filled out the ones that seemed tedious by the time I got enough affinity. Before any farming.
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  3. Annoying affinity nodes for the main blades? *spoilers*

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