In your opinion what two things has this game done better than both previous..

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  3. In your opinion what two things has this game done better than both previous..

User Info: Sinamoi

1 month ago#1
..Xenoblade games?

Has to be something you feel is better than both, not better than one but not the other.

Hmm, so I'm going with OST for sure.

Think I'll go with story, too.

User Info: hyperdimeduck

1 month ago#2
Story and characters are way way better in 2. And the combat doesn't suck. I can never play 1 again cause holy crap the combat is just bad.
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User Info: MisterNobody

1 month ago#3
Combat and characters. The story itself I might consider a tiny bit better in the first but the characters are way better in the second to make up for it.

User Info: Karnage4208238

1 month ago#4
combat its some much better here especially compared to XC
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User Info: Anclation

1 month ago#5
Sidequest EXP (no more getting overleveled just by doing a bunch of sidequests) and Unique Monsters (gone when I don't want to run across them, but always available for a rematch) are both way better handled in this game.
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User Info: Shieldlesscap

1 month ago#6
Combat is on par with X, music for the most part is XC1 counterparts but better (I've made mashups of Counterattack/Engage the Enemy and YWKON/Battle! that were as easy as syncing them and playing them side-by-side, and they fit together perfectly), and story is definitely better than X's and arguably better than XC1's.
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User Info: MrMolinaro

1 month ago#7
Character modeling - They actually look up to modern standards.

Collectible placement - The specialized collection points are a huge step up from the random blue crystals.

User Info: fernantendo

1 month ago#8
Towns - They are not these huge towns you get lost in, and then can't easily find quests, or turn in quests

Collectibles - Less RNG-focused, meant a lot less frustration (though they could tone down the requirements for Vess dumplings)

Story for me is kinda tied with the first game, and music is sort of slightly better than either, but not exactly a clear winner.
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User Info: Thrasher7170

1 month ago#9
Music is a clear winner, and so are characters. The design is better, and for the most part the characterization is better. Overall story is also better, though individuals writing is a bit worse.
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User Info: Hirokey123

1 month ago#10
Combat and Characters no question really.

While baring the gag me premise that kicks off Shulk's journey I do think X1 on paper had the more interesting plot. It however is hurt by a terrible pacing and the characters being fairly flat, a lot of them feeling like they really don't have any purpose being there other and they don't really develop. Meanwhile the characters in X's story were basically the equivalent of nothing and it's story isn't really a consideration. Meanwhile X2's story is a lot less notable/ambitious on paper until the end but its pacing was handled much better and it's characters far and away blow the other two out of the water. Like X2 is a decent plot brought up to a much higher level because its characters are so strong and memorable. Everyone feels like they have purpose to the story, they all get notable development, and even your non-story blades each have their own mini-story that does a good job highlighting their personality and growth.

Combat is just plain better in X2 than the other games. X moved the combat away from a party based system to a singular character focused system which is something I didn't like. X2 brought back the party based combat but significantly refined and streamlined it while adding its own flair. Giving a system that felt like an evolution without a stagnation and when you get access to the full thing it just feels SOOO good.
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  3. In your opinion what two things has this game done better than both previous..

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