First two and last two rare blades you pulled?

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  3. First two and last two rare blades you pulled?

User Info: Omega_Jester

3 months ago#1
Obviously excluding blades from the story or side quests.

First two - Agate and Godfrey
Last two - Dahlia and Newt
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User Info: Metakirby22

3 months ago#2
First two - Gorg and Boreas
Last two - Newt and Dahlia

User Info: ZenTen

3 months ago#3
First two - Godfrey and Adenine

Last two (as of now)- Gorg and Boreas

Last two counting side quest/optional quests - Poppi QT Pi and Praxis

Last two not counting Poppi QT Pi - Herald and Praxis
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User Info: ZodiacSoldier

3 months ago#4
First two - Godfrey and Perun
Last two - Nim and KOS-MOS
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User Info: 3rdTimesDeCharm

3 months ago#5
first- Godfrey and Finch
last- Dagas and Perceval
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User Info: TheRewster

3 months ago#6
First: Kora and Godfrey.
Last: Floren and (yet to obtain and probably never will) KOS-MOS.

User Info: Toxsa

3 months ago#7
2nd last: Agate

Last: Zenobia

Zenobia freaking took forever though.
Tried to draw her early on but always get something else despite highest truth.

User Info: reiko sawamura

reiko sawamura
3 months ago#8
first: Finch and Kora
last: Dahlia and Kos-Mos
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User Info: fernantendo

3 months ago#9
First: Boreas and Azami
Last: Vale and Zenobia
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User Info: D4rklotu5

3 months ago#10
First: Kora and Agate
Last: Boreas and KOS-MOS
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  3. First two and last two rare blades you pulled?

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