Would XB1 have gotten a lower metascore than XB2 if it released today?

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  3. Would XB1 have gotten a lower metascore than XB2 if it released today?

User Info: ParagonCrossing

5 months ago#11
yes, just look at all the crap StarFox 2 got thrown. if it was released back when it was supposed to it wouldv'e gotten rave reviews, but now... most people rate it as a game in 2017 not 1995
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User Info: gregcamhon

5 months ago#12
There is no definite answer to this question. It came out when it came out.

User Info: FFnut

5 months ago#13
If it were released today - do you mean as the second game in the series after the first game in the series had a limited run, was widely critically acclaimed, got a character into a very popular Nintendo crossover, and had a different art style?

Then yes, it would also have a lot of reactionary reviews complaining about how Sharla's in-game model's proportions are too unrealistic, or how characters like Vanea are oversexualized in design, or how the battle system is too complicated (like having to select Arts for your Arts Palette), or how the strongest Arts Manuals are locked behind RNG (rare drops from high-level UMs), etc. etc.

Basically, since the first game was relatively unknown, it had the benefit of being approached with a level head by critics. With the combined popularity boost of the series (thanks to critical praise and Smash) and this game being advertised so heavily for the Switch, this has become overhyped and every reviewer wants a piece - and unfortunately, positive reviews of overhyped games don't get as much attention as negative reviews, and these reviewers crave attention and/or pageviews.

Compare to every hyped Zelda game release - plenty of reviews are 10s, but everyone only remembers Jeff Gerstmann's 8.8/10 for Twilight Princess or Jim Sterling's 7/10 for Breath of the Wild.
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User Info: Sparkey528

5 months ago#14
If it was released today. Assuming graphics were improved since it technically pushed what the Wii can do so we can assume it would push what the switch can do, I would say it would be rated very similarly.
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User Info: Mediocre_Dunce

5 months ago#15

Yeah......I think so. It wouldn't get a 90 but above an 83? Sure.
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User Info: SkyCrackers

5 months ago#16
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  3. Would XB1 have gotten a lower metascore than XB2 if it released today?

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