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User Info: nephalim

2 months ago#1
How do you feel about it, GameFAQs? - Results (1318 votes)
I love it
36.65% (483 votes)
I like it
23.67% (312 votes)
I'm indifferent
16.39% (216 votes)
I don't like it, I have moral issues with sexualization
2.96% (39 votes)
I don't like it, it is stupid/not sexy
12.67% (167 votes)
I don't like it, I would prefer a loli
2.28% (30 votes)
I don't like it, I am embarassed to be seen playing it
5.39% (71 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Lets get a vote.

I don't think its sexy. Her breasts look like an unrealistic doll and her pants make her look like a crackwhore. I would rather if they want a sexy character make her classy sexy with proportions like a real human being.

I didn't want to put the loli option but I feel like people will complain if its not there. And sadly it is standard anime/jrpg fare.

User Info: RaptureCapture

2 months ago#2
I don't see why people care so much about how she looks

User Info: FScell

2 months ago#3
Eh, it's whatever.

I think the design and artwork is...fine. The modelling continues to be a little rough.
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User Info: NinjaKitsune

2 months ago#4
Other: I am seriously sick of hearing about it.
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User Info: GabranthXIV

2 months ago#5
I don't like it, though that's just personal taste. I prefer classy, regal looking women. Showing off flesh doesn't bother me, though I do prefer it to be done tastefully.

User Info: AlwaysDreamer

2 months ago#6
RaptureCapture posted...
I don't see why people care so much about how she looks

Because it's 2017 and some of us are tired of feeling ostracized from the community. Every single female character that is designed soley for male pleasure is another reminder of how women are thought of in the gaming community and the world as a whole. And need I remind everyone that the way people view women doesn't just affect their enjoyment of message effects their pay rate, their personal safety, and the amount of say they get in legislation.

On a personal level, I'd love to play a game and just enjoy it without being constantly reminded of s*** I don't want to be thinking about when I'm trying to relax.
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User Info: Tocss

2 months ago#7
It makes sense, as far as I've seen the only overly 'sexualized' females are blades which are influenced by the mind and ideas of they're drivers, so of course they're all half naked with giants breasts.

User Info: RomanGhost

2 months ago#8
I don't really care.
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User Info: Exo_Icarus

2 months ago#9
I can dig it but I like Mythra's design more.
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User Info: Dark_Link92

2 months ago#10
The design generally I like. I just hate the massive balloon t***. They're distracting and not in the good way. They just look ridiculous. Tone them down and it would be a great design in my opinion.
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