What chapter are you on and what one would you be on if not for the awful marker

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  3. What chapter are you on and what one would you be on if not for the awful marker

User Info: SpacedDuck

7 months ago#1
What chapter are you on and how long have you been playing?

I'm on chapter 3 and have been playing for 20 hours.

If it wasnt for the worst waypoint marker in gaming history I'd be on chapter 6 I reckon.

No spoilers with your answer!

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User Info: deoxyscyclone

7 months ago#2
I'm only on Chapter 2 so far, so can't say much about that. Got my game yesterday.

But is it that bad? Seems pretty standard fare, but idk yet.
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User Info: SkrallRampager

7 months ago#3
It's bad in the sense that it.... it's confusing..... I'm not sure why......

User Info: ParagonCrossing

7 months ago#4
it's really not that bad, it tells you exactly how far away your target is and the arrows tell you exactly how high or low it is.

my only issue with it is when there's a bunch of markers because they overlap each other and make them hard to read.

oh and i'm on chapter 1 just got tora and poppi in my party
i'd probably be in the same point since i'm taking my time running around exploring at a slow pace
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User Info: cynicalsaint

7 months ago#5
More than anything what they need to do is when you hit 'X' to fast travel start you on the map you're currently on, instead of having to dig down to it.
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User Info: AnnihilatorSol

7 months ago#6
Chapter 4, I actually have to wait on a 2 hour timer to continue the game (mercenary mission) because I lack the necessary skill check to continue the game. So I figured I'd charge the stupid switch remote while I grab food, I came back, the timer didn't go down a second. Fk me.

User Info: ByranH85

7 months ago#7
Chapter 4 and 72 hours lol I got the game Monday

User Info: Uta

7 months ago#8
Chapter 5 at 40 Hours, but now that I have certain things unlocked I'm about to slow waaaay down to grind up affinity and hopefully get some more ideal Rare Blades.

I don't have a problem with the Waymarker. The only time it's confused me was on Chapter 4, and not because of the marker itself but because that particular instance has exactly one way forward through a tiny shack. For a game that's normally been entirely open world the sudden bottleneck really threw me off.
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User Info: Crystal_Dream

7 months ago#9
Chapter 3, 6.5 hours in.

Got lost because the waypoint marker is vague as hell. It's as bad as Shadow of the Colossus where it literally just gives you a straight line to your destination, regardless if that path is virtually impassable from that area.

I'm just trying to cut down on the travelling/ grinding because I don't want to spend a month beating one game (these days, I only get like 2-3 hours to play a day) but bad game design like this (and unnecessary padding) grates me to no end.

(That being said, at least the combat is fun and cutscenes are hype as hell, so at least it's worth putting up with.)
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User Info: Cephrien

7 months ago#10
you can enlarge the map and see exactly what spot the objective is.. lol
I dont get people who complain about navigation
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  3. What chapter are you on and what one would you be on if not for the awful marker

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