I don't understand, 84 is still a damn good score

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  3. I don't understand, 84 is still a damn good score

User Info: Richinaru

4 months ago#11
Abade posted...

If this scale were completely true, Divinity Original Sin 2 would be a GotY contender and not PUBG$$$

User Info: XGalt

4 months ago#12
I am so angry that it's not 90 I'm ready to go to war with anyone who didn't rate this high! AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH! WAR FACE!!!!

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User Info: luigi33

4 months ago#13
It scored mid 80s, as everyone expected.

Still, that 85 just looks good, because its rounded out. 84 is sort of annoying.
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User Info: darklink67

4 months ago#14
Im just happy the story is actually good according to the reviews, if it is I can overlook a lot of flaws.

User Info: ParagonCrossing

4 months ago#15
i think it's because the game is getting docked for stupid reasons like "it's too anime", which i admit is really dumb

while other games are praised for their anime style

personally i don't need a bunch of nerds telling me how good a game is, yeah i'll take them into account somewhat but ultimately i'll experience the game myself and make up my own conclusion.
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User Info: Kantiran

4 months ago#16
I don't understand it either. Everything above 75, maybe even 70 should be considered at least good. Everything above 80 should be considered very good. Everything above 90 should be considered outstanding and everything above 95 should be considered masterpieces. Any other way to look at metacritic scores is just asking to be disappointed a lot.

User Info: The_Undying_84

4 months ago#17
Abade posted...

I don't think it was ever really any better, but the modern scale bit is accurate.

Also see this page about it:


Scores in the 80's are pretty much meaningless.
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  3. I don't understand, 84 is still a damn good score

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